Vermont as a Laboratory for Change

Conservatives UndergroundRobert Maynard

The pro-freedom movement has done a good job so far of resisting Obamacare. The new House majority has the ability to de-fund much of it. Officials at the state level have already started the process of legal challenges. On Monday the 13th, a federal judge in Virginia ruled that the insurance purchase mandate in the bill is unconstitutional. Numerous corporations are asking for an opt-out option, as are some states. The whole thing is headed to a "death by a thousand cuts" if this trend continues. Since some of the worst features do not start until 2014, we might even have the whole thing repealed before they kick in, if we keep up our momentum in 2012.

Of course none of this is guaranteed, so we must keep up the pressure. In keeping up the pressure through the obvious avenues, we need to be aware of back door avenues.

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