Tucson shows the failures of America's purported ruling class

Renew AmericaTim Dunkin

As the old saw goes, character is only revealed when it is put to the test. Slightly more than three weeks ago, the character and mettle of those in our society who believe themselves to be the cream of America's crop were tried, and found wanting. Taking a terrible tragedy, those in the progressive Left — as well as a few on the "Ruling Class Right" — tried to twist and abuse the situation to their advantage. Thinking that they were being too clever by half and that they could easily use the shock and disgust over the shooting to channel easily-swayed public opinion into their corner, they succeeded only in openly displaying to the American people just how dull, predictable, and nasty they really are.

Who are these self-described elites? They are the progressives who dominate in the news media. The opinion-makers. The journalists and talking heads who like to think of themselves as the gatekeepers of information in American society. They are also the left-wing, usually Democrat politicians. They are the eager young technoliberals like Markos Moulitsas, who runs the Daily Kos, and the dull young things who blog at places like the Huffington Post. In short, they are the people in our society who think that they're just smarter, more enlightened, and nobler than you or I. They are not constrained by silly notions of "morality" and "honesty." They are the people

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