The Next Step Toward the North American Union

New AmericanBob Confer

One-worlders are successful in their efforts because of incrementalism. They work toward their ultimate goal of a global government by very slowly piecing together the parts of that evil puzzle — the regional collectives of countries. When the building of socioeconomic partnerships (and, ultimately, political integration) is spread out over years, if not decades, the majority of the citizens of the affected nations remain oblivious to the destruction of their sovereignty.

Take the European Union, for example. Its roots go back to 1945 when European communities were made based on the facilitation of trade in steel and energy. As the years wore on, the communities instituted more powerful trade partnerships, opened their borders, and shared environmental policies — setting the stage for the creation of the EU in 1993. In just the past 17 years, the countries in the European Union have developed shared currencies, governance, laws, and courts — with each participating nation being stripped of sovereignty and any self-rule it once possessed.

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