America: A Rudderless Ship Adrift and Sinking in Rough Waters

In a commentary piece entitled, "Conservatives Begin to See the Light," author Joseph Farah notes that the ultimate principle on which our nation was founded: "That we are created in the image of God and are accountable to Him. Without that recognition, we are virtually incapable of self-government, which requires us to be able to distinguish right from wrong, as defined by God. God has created certain institutions for His purposes and for our benefit. Among these is marriage, the family and government. But any government that exceeds its limited authority or attempts to usurp the authority of God is unworthy of its power. Real conservatives believe in the tenets of the Declaration of Independence which explains that our rights descend from God---and that they come with responsibility as well."

In other words, God the Father created all things Ex Nihilo (special creation). He is God, man is not God. He is the Ultimate Authority, man is not. God is the Author of unchanging Moral Law, man is not. All of this being the case, the ultimate over-arching organizing principle around and on which America's civilization was founded is "In the beginning God created..." and not imaginary evolutionary conceptions, as atheists tell us to believe.

The "glue" that holds all societies together is a central organizing principle that functions as ultimate moral authority as well as social, cultural, and economic anchor. It defines the people of that society and demands their allegiance. No society throughout the history of the world has ever existed without a central organizing principle. And where the people have lost faith in or otherwise rejected their societies central organizing principle, that society has been doomed to wither away and die.

We cannot understand what has gone so wrong in America until we see its' failure in this light, for by and large, contemporary Americans have turned their backs on God the Father. In the hearts of such people, God is dead. Without God the Father---the "glue" that held us together as a people, a culture, and a nation, America is falling apart.

That America is coming apart at the seams can be seen by the terrible fact that increasing numbers of Americans are doing whatever they want to do so long as they can get away with. Lawlessness is replacing the Rule of Law, while personally invented morality has virtually replaced God's Universal Moral Law (Ten Commandments). In this climate of mindless license, cosmically-inflated egoism, covetousness, and hedonism, the Constitution is used like a magic lantern which when rubbed just so magically produces the "rights" and "privileges" covetous hearts desire. Hence this latest outrage:

"Lawmakers in the state of California are proposing a law that would require schools to portray lesbians, homosexuals, transsexuals and those who have chosen other alternative sexual lifestyles as positive role models to children in all public schools there."

In rejecting God the Father, millions of Americans are now in essence little gods. In practical terms, America is no longer a monotheistic society but a polytheistic one in much the same way that India is with its' millions of gods and goddesses. And each little god demands his/her rights according to what he or she desires. Will-to-power, or might-makes-right, has become the way of life here.

In this light, Obama is but a little god-man who has managed to crawl his way atop the writhing anthill comprised of millions of other god-men so that he and like-minded god-men can force their wants and desires upon the rest. Likewise, male-gods and female-goddesses whose fantasy is to be defined by abnormal, abominable compulsions are forcing their perverted will and way upon all others because they can get away with doing so. In this climate of "anything goes," Muslims are demanding the right to impose Sharia on us, and no doubt they will get away with doing so. And why not? With "God dead," all things become permissable.

Throughout history, whenever a civilization has fallen into an abyss of mindless egoism, lawlessness, and depravity, its' end is nigh. It has always been the fate of such societies to be conquered and its' people enslaved.

In this light, it becomes clear why tyrannically-minded New Age globalists, Muslims, and Chinese view America as a rudderless ship adrift and sinking in waters of chaos, ripe for take-over.