Boycott of CPAC over homosexual group fuels battle over values

MassResistance joins American Family Assoc, Liberty Counsel and others denouncing CPAC for partnering with homosexual group -- in full-page ad in Washington Times The 2011 Conservative Political Action Conference, CPAC, was held this past weekend in Washington DC, and reportedly had over 11,000 attendees from around the country. But as they did last last year, they included a homosexual activist group, GOProud, as a major participant. This year, pro-family groups reacted very publicly.

Last Monday MassResistance joined with the American Family Association, Liberty Counsel, Traditional Values Association, WorldNetDaily, Americans for Truth, Vision America, and other pro-family groups as signers in a full-page ad in this past Monday's Washington Times newspaper.

The ad, titled "What would Ronald Reagan think of CPAC today?" denounced CPAC for embracing the homosexual group and for abandoning a core conservative tenet.

"CPAC is betraying conservative principles and threatening conservative unity by creating the false impression that gay activism is somehow compatible with conservatism," it says.

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