The Big Lie The BIG Lie: "Just like every family in America, the federal government has to do two things at once: It has to live within its means while still investing in the future. If your family [is] trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, you might put off a vacation, but you wouldn't want to sacrifice saving for your kids' college education or making key repairs in your house. So you cut back on what you can't afford to focus on what you can't do without, and that's what we've done with this year's budget." --Barack Obama

Redefining terms: "What we're cutting here is not just waste, we have to actually cut some muscle. ... [Republicans] believe that we cannot afford these investments at this moment, and we believe we cannot afford not to invest at this moment." --Joe Biden using the trick word "investments" to describe outrageous federal spending

Mr. Centrist: "I recognize that there are gonna be plenty of arguments in the months to come and everybody's gonna have to give a little bit. But when it comes to difficult choices about our budget and our priorities, we have found common ground before. Ronald Reagan and Tip O'Neill came together to save Social Security. Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress eventually found a way to settle their differences and balance the budget, and many Democrats and Republicans in Congress today came together in December to pass a tax cut that has made Americans' paychecks a little bigger this year and will spur on additional economic growth this year. So I believe we can find this common ground." --Barack Obama

More Obama-as-Reagan claptrap: "The most challenging problem [at the 2004 Democrat National Convention] was what tie to wear. And this went up to the very last minute. ... And then somebody -- I don't remember who it was -- turned and said, 'You know what? What about Gibbs' tie? What about Gibbs' tie? That might look good.' And, frankly, Robert didn't want to give it up because he thought he looked really good in the tie. But eventually he was willing to take one for the gipper, and so he took off his tie, and I put it on. And that's the tie that I wore at the national convention." --Barack Obama alluding to himself as The Gipper

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