Mass. Gov. issues Executive Order mandating acceptance of transgenderism by all state agencies, employees, contractors

The ultimate spiritual foundation of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and Rule of Law is "In the Beginning God created..." and by extension, the Ten Commandments. America's founding documents are great spiritual documents that expound upon and provide legal protection for our unalienable rights. Unalienable means, "from God the Father," and not from man or man's government. Today however, America is being violently shaken apart as a consequence of its' abandonment of God the Father and all moral restraint. In consideration of this fact, San Francisco is today a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah whose government officials are by and large, God-hating "liberated gays," hence it comes as no surprise that this regime of abomination brazenly condemns as "discriminatory, insulting, biggoted, and hateful," Roman Catholic teachings. The city of "queerly beloved," lesbian-witches, spirit-questing, black magic, tree-hugging green-spirituality, and tolerance for all vices (alternative lifestyles) has a zero tolerance policy for God the Father's "Thou shalt not..." In its' war against God, San Francisco's strategy is to knock out the largest, most influential Christian denomination, that is, the Roman Catholic Church. For once the most powerful Church has been defeated, America's smaller denominations will tumble down like falling dominoes.

In that Godless San Francisco is among the progressive vanguard of the "death of God movement," its' embrace of sexual anarchy in tandem with its' rapid return to the pagan sexual ideal of androgyny, or "gayness" and/or "transgenderism" as it is called today comes as no surprise either.

In the following report, MassResistance discloses the fact that Massachusetts is quickly following San Francisco into the infernal pit. ...Linda

MassResistance Update Requires affirmative action for cross-dressers and immediate diversity training for all state employees! POSTED: Feb 21, 2011

Late Wednesday afternoon, without advance notice and without fanfare, Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick signed an Executive Order mandating the acceptance of "gender identity and expression" -- including transsexuality, cross-dressing, and related behaviors - throughout state government. The order also requires affirmative action in the hiring of transsexuals and diversity training for all state employees.

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