Rise of the Modern Moloch State...Global Spiritual Communism

Worth ReadingLinda Kimball

Satanic Black Wing Over America

Speaking through his character the Madman, the dark prophet Nietzsche announced the "death of God." Dubbing himself the Antichrist, Nietzsche proclaimed:

"The greatest recent event---that 'God is dead,' that the belief in the Christian God has ceased to be believable---is even now beginning to cast its first shadows over Europe; however, few really understood " what has really happened here, "and what must collapse now that this belief has been undermined---all that was built upon it, leaned on it, grew into it; for example, our whole European morality." (False Dawn, Lee Penn, p. 433)

Like a vast ebon wing, the "death of God" overshadows America with an impenetrable shroud of practical atheism, irrational hostility and outright hatred toward Christians, Christian symbols, traditions, and holidays, as well as the America of the Founders, for in the words of Nietzsche, all of this "must collapse now that this belief has been undermined." Wittingly or unwittingly, high profile conservatives are aiding and abetting the collapse of America.

By rejecting God, increasing numbers of Americans have themselves become in essence, little gods. In practical terms, this means that America is no longer a monotheistic society but a polytheistic one in much the same way that India is with its' millions of gods and goddesses. And each little god and his cult followers (special rights groups) demand their "rights" according to what they most covet. Will-to-power, or might-makes-right has become the way of life here.

In this light, Obama is but a little god-man who has managed to crawl atop the writhing anthill comprised of untold numbers of other god-men, goddesses and their respective cults. From atop the anthill, the victorious Obama and other like-minded god-men force their will and way upon the rest. Likewise, gods and goddesses whose wicked fantasy is a sexually-perverted "anything goes" utopia are forcing their abominable lusts upon the rest of us simply because they too can get away with doing so.

America will eventually collapse, and out of its ashes will arise a global Moloch state.

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