Would Jesus Christ be an Evolutionist?

Creation Studies Institute There are numerous promotions, political arguments, advertisements, and movements that invoke the name of Jesus Christ. They seem to want to probe the psyche of the Messiah, enlisting Him in any number of activities on their behalf. It appears they are fixated on dropping His name in support of their favorite particular haberdasher, political party, or mode of transportation. “What would Jesus wear?” “Would Jesus be for or against?” “What would Jesus Drive?” Even the redeemed have jumped on this bandwagon with the recent “What would Jesus do” query.

I am not disturbed when I see people wanting to invoke the name of the Most High in their lives. I realize that most people want to be able to say, “I am doing what God wants me to do.” After all, one of the promises of God is found in this rhetorical question, If (or since) God be for us, who can be against us? Rom. 8:31. The question at hand is not merely a gimmick or technique to cause people to think more lucidly about a particular social or political position. It is not wrong to seek godly wisdom when making decisions. We should consider how much to spend on transportation, food, and shelter, etc. The problem stems from an lack of honest discussion concerning two extremely important, albeit antithetical, positions that are rooted in diametrically opposed worldviews, e.g. Evolutionism and Creationism.

It’s not, “What would Jesus do?” It should be, “What did Jesus say?”

That is the real issue at hand. Not, would Jesus be an evolutionist? Read More: http://www.creationstudies.org/Education/would_Jesus_be_an_evolutionist.html