Canadian Death Panels in Action: Baby Must Die in Hospital (Video)

Breitbart.TV 'Baby Joseph', as he has been dubbed, has a fatal neuro-degenerative disease and can only survive with the aid of a ventilator. His parents Moe Maraachli and Sana Nader want to take him out of the hospital and to Michigan so he can have a tracheotomy. Then they want to take him home so he can die surrounded by relatives. But doctors are refusing to do the tracheotomy, saying that it would needlessly prolong his life. Instead they want to turn off the life support machine and let him die on the ward. This is video that Baby Joseph's parents took to prove he is responsive and not in a vegetative state. The Canadian health care system has ruled in favor of the hospital which has stated that the tracheotomy would needlessly prolong the baby's life.: