Alan Keyes: Is pedophilia next?

Posted: March 04, 20111:00 am Eastern Worldnet Daily © 2011

This week, reported that "in a recent parliamentary session on a bill relating to sexual offenses against children, psychology experts claimed that pedophilia is a 'sexual orientation' comparable to homosexuality or heterosexuality. …" According to the report, Dr. Van Gijseghem, "psychologist and retired professor of the University of Montreal" asserted that "true pedophiles have an exclusive preference for children, which is the same as having a sexual orientation. You cannot change this person's sexual orientation just like another individual may be grappling with heterosexuality or even homosexuality," emphasized Van Gijseghem.

Homosexual-rights advocates make the argument that the push to legitimize homosexuality is akin to the civil-rights movement's efforts to free black Americans from racial discrimination. This comparison relies on the notion that homosexuality, like skin color, is an inalterable biological characteristic. That's one of the reasons they have taken to using the term "sexual orientation" instead of "sexual preference."

But if homosexuality is like race, then homosexuals have no more control over their sexual proclivities than I have over my skin color. When I woke up this morning I had dark skin (a deep shade of brown, actually, not black. But who's quibbling?) Though at one point in history folks like me were referred to by some as people "of the colored persuasion," persuasion assuredly has nothing to do with it. Skin color is simply not a matter of choice. Legally discriminating against people on account of an otherwise harmless condition that is beyond their control is unjust on the face of it. Being brown- or pink-skinned, brown- or blue-eyed, blonde or dark-haired – these are all natural properties. They belong to individual human beings in consequence of the way they are made. Borrowing a phrase from the American Declaration of Independence, we may quite literally say that people are "endowed by their Creator" with these unalienable traits.

Obviously, attacking people because of such traits, whether sanctioned by human laws or not, violates the unalienable right of every individual to live as what the Creator fashioned them to be. By arguing that homosexuality is to be classed among these traits, those pushing to legitimize homosexuality seek to take advantage of the sense of what is naturally fair connected with the successful efforts (e.g., against slavery and racial discrimination) to establish that the Declaration's understanding of human justice in fact governs the laws and practices of the American people.

But if a black person murders someone, his skin color no more excuses his crime than would the pink skin God made for someone else. To discourage and punish bad behavior is in fact part of the purpose for which good people join together to form civil society and make laws that secure their Creator-endowed unalienable rights. Where human beings are concerned, natural traits do not simply dictate behavior. Behavior is subject to choice and to the capacity for choice (freedom) that is also a characteristic of human nature. But when human beings make their individual choices, they also have the capacity to take account of the effect of what they do, on themselves and on the whole. Whatever their inclinations and predilections, they can resolve to eschew the inclination to do wrong because it gives them pleasure. They can instead follow the inclination to do what respects the good of other individuals, or of the whole community they altogether comprise.

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