Fluff in the Church, Snuff in the World, and One Brave Pakistani

WorthReadingRev Michael Bresciani;

The Bible predicts a great apostasia (apostasy) will precede the coming of the world’s last dictator called the antichrist. Don’t look now but we are well underway into that dreaded prophecy.

Basic Bible doctrines are being abandoned at an alarming rate in mainline denominational and historic churches and “sound doctrine” (2 Tim 4: 3) is being replaced by what is today known as the social gospel. This is a substitute gospel that deals only with helping the poor or righting social ills. It looks good on the surface and appeals to the religious nature of almost everyone but it is miles from the true gospel.

In mainline protestant churches even the language of the entertainment industry and the new religious diversity is showing up. Recently a famous TV evangelist mentioned how he was “booked” rather than scheduled to speak in some of the nation’s biggest churches. Often preachers are found referring to their adherents as the “audience” instead of the congregation. Now the platform from which inspired music and messages are heard is commonly called the “stage.” The line between inspiration and entertainment is becoming obscured by cultural influences.

As the old preachers used to say the church is promising an experience but in the end only offers a performance. Is it becoming all just so much “sound and fury, signifying nothing?”

The fastest growing churches in the US are large non-denominational fellowships either evangelical or charismatic. In such churches growth is measured by head counts and the more people that show up the more assured they are that they are doing something right. Often these kinds of churches are event, conference and gathering centered with big name preachers and musical groups as the greatest draw.

They see their own success but never see that as the nation changes on the most fundamental level from societal norms to government, they are fast becoming ever larger groups of people who are in fact completely isolated. If you asked most of these people what FOCA, DOMA or the latest hate crimes legislation was you would most likely get a puzzled look and no more.

It is not a requirement for Christians to know all the subtleties of politics and social trends but there is a bit of hypocrisy if not outright stupidity in asking people to pray for government and political leaders (2 Tim 2: 1-3) as the Bible exhorts if we have no idea what is going on from the President down.

Running a Christian website requires that I stay abreast of all the latest news that affects the nation. I keep a list of the top news and current event sites both Christian and secular to draw from. I comb through the list daily looking for matters that relate to America’s condition and heart beat so to speak, but I am always amazed at the contrast between the secular and Christian sites and what they have to offer.

Christian sites often seem as if they are floating in the clouds far above the realities of everyday life. They miss critical stories and changes that will affect them or the nation and if they do have a message to offer it is usually nicely packaged up in a book or video and available to anyone with credit card ready to get in on the latest thing God is doing.

News is often what the latest praise bands or soloists have released and messages that are said to be, the most important you will hear in this decade, are for sale, at anything but a modest price. If the messages would lead anyone to their own salvation we can only surmise that if they are too poor to purchase the all important message they are bound to be headed to hell in a hand basket for the lack of a few bucks. Is any part of God’s word for sale; ever?

Apostasy is more than just allowing false doctrine to slip into the church it is offering what can only be called “fluff” as a very poor substitute for discipleship and adherence to the fundamental teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ and his Apostles.

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