Baby Born Alive Stabbed to Death at Clinic

Worth ReadingRev. Austin Miles

(excerpt) The most chilling revelation of the abortion business unfolded with the arrest of a Philadelphia abortion “doctor” named Kermit Gosnell who killed many babies that had been born…repeating…after they had been born alive! One disturbing account was a baby that survived the abortion, was born alive and plopped on a slab type table where it gasped for breath, twitching, flailing as it hoplessly fought to live. The “doctor,” totally unmoved by the spectacle nodded to an unlicensed assistant with no medical degree who calmly walked over to the table with a knife in her hand and….slit the crying baby’s throat, then dumped the remains.

Gosnell, who operated his own clinic in Philadephia, called, ‘Women’s Medical Society,’ had killed 7 infants born alive and viable according to reports. He is also charged in the death of a patient having an abortion by allowing too much anesthesia by yet another unqualified clinic employee. The so called ‘doctor’ has been rightfully charged with first-degree murder and faces the death penalty which absolutely should be carried out.

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