Materialized Souls and Nihilism: America's Spiritual Disease

Contemporary America is undergoing an unprecedented spiritual, social, and cultural transformation. It is rapidly transitioning away from its' founding Christian worldview to unbelief (Nihilism). As cultures are identified by their leading edge, which in America is Nihilism, then America is post-Christian despite the existence of shrinking islands of belief located mainly in the Bible Belt. On the West coast and on the East coast, the very seedbed of America's Christian-based founding, God has disappeared from the conscience of the majority of Americans in those demographic areas. God is also dead in the conscience of the majority of America's higher education professoriate, elected officials and jurists, and the cultural creatives in Hollywood, media, art, music, and all other forms of entertainment.

" shall not live by bread only, but by every word of God." (Luke 4:4)

Early Church Father Athanasius tells us that when man either willfully rejects or falls into forgetfullness of God, his soul becomes materialized because it is no longer sustained and nourished by the spiritual Word of God. Scripture describes the materialized soul as the natural man whose mind is dark. This means that though his intellect remains intact his moral sense is corrupted, thus the materialized soul descends into a hopeless depth of spiritual blindness, fear, moral imbecility, rancorous emotions, delusion, paranoia, and susceptability to peculiar ideas.

The materialized soul ceases to think that anything exists beyond what can be sensed. In short, unless something can be seen, heard, touched, or smelled for instance, then it doesn't exist. Contemporary science calls this naturalism.

As it descends further into the abyss, the materialized soul even comes to disbelieve in its' (the souls) own existence, thereby unwittingly reducing itself to a nonbeing (soulless body) as demonstrated by contemporary science writer John Horgan:

"The dangerous, probably true idea I'd like to dwell that we humans have no souls." ("We Have No Souls," Horgan, The Edge: The World Question Center,

Like moles groping their way through the dirt, materialized souls even turn to the study of worms, apes, and fruit flies in a desperate bid to discover something about themselves:

"...we have come to realize humans are more like worms than we ever imagined." (Bruce Alberts, former president of the National Academy of Sciences, quoted in Darwin Day in America, John G. West, p. 3)

"...we are nothing but a big fly." (Charles Zukar, Professor of Biology, University of Calif., San Diego, ibid)

"We humans (are) only slightly remodeled chimpanzee-like apes." (Morris Goodman, Wayne State University, ibid)

Since only those things of the senses are the true reality, materialized souls naturally believe that "if it feels good, do it." Thus they are "doing it" to animals, babies, small children, older children, and to adult males and females. As they are imbeciles, they naturally claim their barbaric behaviors are signs of "progress" and "enlightenment."

Another term for the materialized soul is Nihilistic barbarian. Nihilists advocate belief in nothing, for that is the meaning of Nihilism. God is dead in their hearts, and they have become mercenaries of the void....of nothingness. They know only violence, egotism, contempt, and hatred. They are slaves of their own instincts, base passions, emotions and imbecility.

These cosmically-inflated, short-tempered, amoral, materialistic, drug, lust, and entertainment addicted Nihilists are a world apart from the self-sacrificial, simple lifestyle living, family centered, God fearing generation portrayed by painter Norman Rockwell.

Today it must be unnerving for any contemporary elected official, teacher, or pastor for example, to speak truth to imbecility and lies and otherwise do the right thing, especially if it calls for personal accountability and self-sacrifice. To dare speak the word "no" in the presence of an imbecilic Nihilist is to generate a tsunami of whining, tantrum-throwing, vicious backbiting, spite, hate, and threats of lawsuit or violence.

The Founders of this once great nation were not deists and unbelievers as contemporary Nihilist imbeciles claim. The truth is that only two, at most three, were deists and the rest were Christians. Thus the Founders understanding of human nature---that it is a compound mixture of strengths and weaknesses and good and evil---was uniquely Biblical. Only the Bible declares that all men are fallen, no other religion, philosophy or ethical system teaches this. This being the case, the Founders strongly advised the training and disciplining of all children in Biblical moral law and self-control. To be morally informed and self-disciplined was both highly esteemed and seen as an essential condition before attainment of any type of leadership position, be it President, teacher, seminarian, or governor, for instance.

America's rapid transition to atheism---Nihilism---portends its' fall into chaos and then the void. Barbarians are incapable of self-governance because they cannot govern themselves. Rather than self-control they are controlled by their out-of-control whims, emotions, impulses, and compulsions. Hence they require masters to "manage" and "control" them. They can only be managed by being placated, entertained, and showered with "freebies" and "privileges." As Rome collapsed, management of its' barbarian citizens was contemptuously termed "bread and circuses."

In this light we can understand why America is in crisis. Only in this light can we see that America is sickened unto death by a contagion of pathological lying, murder, child abuse, sophistry, rudeness, deceit, hate, power-grabbing, back-stabbing, and shameless behaviors such as public sex and nudity. All are endemic at every level of society, in both political parties and in the White House.

We still have with us some of the Rockwell generation, such as the Christian faction of the Tea Party. They are today's Davids facing the power of the Goliaths---America's Ruling Class barbarian nihilists.

Only time will tell if the Davids will be victorious, or if we are in fact facing the end of America as we have known it.