Begrudging the Means for Human Survival

The nuclear plant tragedy unfolding in Japan has unleashed a torrent of invective against the use of nuclear power, mainly from the "save the planet" green spiritualists. Their pseudo-moralistic demands can be boiled down to: "Thou shalt have no other gods before Gaia, but because you have, you idolators have brought this evil down upon us all!" Today's green movement is red communism (atheist materialism) reinvented. Its' new color is green and in place of atheist materialism is occult pantheist spirituality. In place of state worship there is nature (Gaia) worship. What has not changed at all however, is its' atheism--for it hates God the Father--- and its' spiritual foundation of seething resentment against mankind in general. To actualize its' resentment it imaginatively erases the image of God from man, thereby conceptually reducing him to the level of bugs, rocks, pondscum and lizards. By this means, it licenses itself to kill, steal, and destroy on behalf of "saving" mother earth.

However, of all lifeforms on this planet mankind is truly unique in that unlike all other lifeforms he possesses no naturally-occuring all-weather protection, that is, he has no fur, scales, feathers, tough hide or exoskelton to protect himself from the elements. Unlike other lifeforms man cannot burrow into the ground, river bottom, or tree buroughs to ride out harsh winter weather. Nor can man simply migrate to warmer climes as do birds, elk and reindeer. Furthermore, man does not possess the natural ability to fend for himself, that is, he has no fangs, claws, talons, or powerfully swift legs withwhich to outrun predators.

If man is to survive he must make use of naturally occuring resources. He must clothe his nakedness in the fur of animals, in woven fibers of plants, and in the tanned hides of reptiles and animals. He must build shelters, farm the land, and burn fossil fuels and wood to keep warm and to cook his food, for unlike other lifeforms man cannot in general eat his food in the raw state, especially meat and raw grains.

Adherents of communism in any form resent mankind's use of natural resources because they resent mankind in general. They promise that if we will just give them total power that they will dry all eyes by building an earthly paradise of peace, justice, prosperity, and plenty. But in reality, their promises are thinly disguised resentment. As the murderous totalitarian regimes of the 20th century stand witness to, wherever communists have managed to seize absolute control they have withheld from other men what they need to survive. In Communist Russia this meant condemning millions of men, women, and children to lives of penury, slavery, unimaginable suffering and death.

The nuclear plant calamity unfolding in Japan is an accident no one could have forseen. There are millions of Japanese living on a series of rather small islands where resources are too scant to support their overall needs. To the Japanese, nuclear power simply made great good sense and they ought not be blamed for utilizing it.

Today there are those who call on us to learn from this unfolding tragedy that we may better our own nuclear facilities. Then there are the sinister opportunists who are uing this terrible accident as a cudgel of guilt and paralyzing fear in order to terrorize and stampede us into heeding their resentment-fueled advice. It is not comfort for the distressed but power that they really seek.

Let us heed the former and utterly reject the malignant latter....the envious begrudgers of the means for human survival.