Fools, Mockers, and the Simple

Wisdom reproves three kinds of men in Proverbs 1:22. They are fools, mockers and the simple, and contemporary America has an overabundance of all three at every level of society, from the highest corridors of power on down to America's mean streets. Fools are they who say in their hearts, "There is no God," and who "...furiously hate Me," says God. (Psalm 55:3) The fool's will is unsubmitted to the demands of his conscience, for deep down he feels that he is faultless, thus the mere mention of sin is utterly intolerable to the fool. When the fool is in conflict with someone else, he invariably perceives the 'other' to be at fault. Since he denies his own badness he transfers it onto others in order that he can then crucify them. In short, fools are always hypocrites and scapegoaters who project their own evil onto the world. Others are guilty of sin but the fool is not, for he is morally pure, thus above reproach. This being the case, fools always attack and destroy others instead of facing their own failures and examining their own consciences.

In denying the existence of God the Father, Who is the Creator and Sustainer of the fool's soul and spirit (mind), the fool unwittingly denies the only Source of his personhood. What this means is that in his stupidity he has unwittingly reduced himself to the level of a beast, hence he is a fool. If he does not repent, God will finally turn away from the fool, saying:

"Seeing you hate to be reformed..." (Psalm 50:17) then I now cast you away, and cut your soul off forever from My Word, hence your soul though immortal, will die....the second death.

For whatever time remains of his life, the fool will be something on the order of a socio or psychopath, a beast who imagines evil all the time and is doomed to a bad ending in this world.

Some well-known fools of modern times are Voltaire, Karl Marx (Father of Communism), his disciples Lenin, Trotsky and Stalin, Adolf Hitler, and Friedrich Nietzsche, who stupidly called himself the Antichrist and declared the death of God. Of these fools, Voltaire died in absolute terror, screaming out his last breath as he lay dying; Nietzsche went insane, Trotsky and Lenin were murdered, and some like Stalin, Karl Marx and Hitler were possessed before dying badly, which goes to show that the Devil always destroys his human tools when he has finished with them.

The second kind of man reproved by Wisdom is the mocker. Mockers and/or scoffers are they whose pride is so inflated that they cannot suffer to be taught, reproved, given direction, or in any way receive wisdom unless they repent of their ways. Though the mocker's intellect is intact his moral sense is warped because his mind and conscience are dammed up by pride.

We often hear that pride goes before a fall. This means that pride makes men believe stupid things, say stupid things, and do stupid things. Thus it is for example, that scoffers not infrequently shame themselves by claiming or pretending to know what they obviously do not know.

The third kind of man is the simple. The simple are they who err out of ignorance. They are in want of orthodox and/or right knowledge. Jesus Christ said, my sheep (the simple) are lost because they lack (orthodox) knowledge, a pointed reminder that not all knowledge is equal. Certainly the fool's 'knowledge' and the scoffer's 'knowledge' is worthless.

Tragically, the simple all too often fall victim to fools and scoffers unless those of wisdom, spiritual discernment and virtue reach out to them, and with patience, lead them to the Way, the Truth, and the Life.