Ray Comfort: The Atheist's Explanation for Killer Quakes

Worldview Weekends An atheist can't blame God for the earthquake that recently took so many lives in Japan. As much as he would like to, he can't say "God-did-it!" because he thinks there's no evidence for God. Blaming Him for it would make as much sense as his blaming Snow White for a snow storm.

But atheism says that there is a good reason for the 8.9 earthquake killer quake and the horrific Tsunami that followed. It is nature making improvements. Everything is getting better. People being crushed to death or drowned in a Tsunami is just part of the work of nature.

Also, cancer, suffering, pain and death are nature improving things through evolutionary change. It was evolution that improved nature when it gave the leap to the frog and the bark to the dog. It gave oxygen enriched air to the lungs, the wings to the bird, and brains to the nerd. It also gifted us with the four seasons, myriads of colorful flowers, the snow-caped mountains, the cool running streams, music, love and laughter. It all started with nothing, and over millions of years, here we are in this wonder called "life." That's evolution for you...making things better.

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