US Army now warning Chaplains: If you don't like the homosexual agenda, get out!

MassResistance Update Among the first casualties in the homosexualization of the US military caused by the repeal of "Don't Ask Don't Tell" (DADT) are the military chaplains who still profess traditional Christian (or Jewish) belief. And it's starting right away. It's becoming clear that any open disagreement with homosexuality will not be tolerated.

The latest news from the Center For Military Readiness (CMR). is extremely disturbing. CMR, run by executive director Elaine Donnelly, is the best source for information on the effects of the culture wars and political correctness plaguing our US military forces. She's exposing the speed and thoroughness of the transformation of the military since the DADT repeal. Their goal right now is to beat any possible subversion of it from a Republican Congress.

She reports that the Army is implementing "three-tiered LGBT training" for military chaplains. Tier One has already begun. As Donnelly explains:

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