The American Sodom & Gomorrah: How and Why It Happened

In an article aptly entitled :ACLU: the Goal is Communism," Matt Barber writes: Irony is defined as "the use of words to convey a meaning that is the opposite of its literal meaning." The term doublespeak means "evasive, ambiguous language that is intended to deceive or confuse." There is perhaps no greater example of ironic doublespeak than inclusion of the phrase "civil liberties" within the inapt designation: "American Civil Liberties Union."


The ACLU was formed for one purpose: to bring about communism. In fact, the ACLU is but one organization out of thousands forming an interlocking matrix whose sole purpose is the undermining and eventual destruction of America. A communist New World Order is the goal.

But what is Communism?

When Americans think about the Soviet Union and Cultural Marxism, communism's contemporary manifestation, they think in terms of concentration camps, Gulags, totalitarianism, and genocide.

However, these things are not Communism but rather the consequences that occured as a result of the forceful imposition of a perverse ideology so repugnant to normal, decent, law-abiding people that it had to be imposed on them by terror, coercion, and force. The ideology of course is Communism.

Fyodor Dostoevsky is called the Apocalyptic Prophet of the 19th century because he foresaw the rise and the catastrophic fall of the Communist State in Russia. He also foresaw the utter devastation, mass murder, and other evils committed on behalf of Communism.

He was extremely knowledgeable about all aspects of Communism because he took part in the exclusive salons where revolutionary intellectuals--progressives-- gathered to discuss, plan, theorize, and systematize the ideology that came to be called Communism.

Dostoevsky was a deep thinker, and as he analyzed the "isms" of which Communism is comprised he saw that deep within each "ism"----evolutionary theory, progressivism, rationalism, materialism, atheism, antitheism, empiricism, and socialism among others ---- was the Original Lie.

It was then that he fully understood what Communism was really about. Men want to return to the time before God made men cognizant of sin. They want to liberate themselves from all moral constraints, concluded Dostoevsky.

Men want to be free to deify themselves as in days of old. They wish to lie and lie without guilt. They want to enrich themselves at the expense of others. They desire to fornicate, sodomize one another, steal, murder, covet, lust, cheat, and envy without guilt.

Though insidious planners will seduce other men with attractive lures outwardly described as "workers' paradise" and other such utopian schemes, the reality will be otherwise, said Dostoevsky. By whatever name, earthbound utopias will really be Hells on earth controlled by demons who permit and encourage the doing of every evil.

This being the case, and as history stands witness, the "free love" advertised by Communists was really guilt-free adultery, promiscuity, sodomy, pedophilia, and every perversion known to mankind.

As Dostoevsky foresaw, upon seizure of Eastern Orthodox Russia by Lenin and his gang of criminal-Bolsheviks, depravity became the new norm. Sex institutes for the indepth study of eroticism sprang up like poisonous mushrooms. "Gay" bathroom cultures flourished while lesbians pretending to be males were promoted to positions of power within Russia's military. Easy divorce in tandem with easily obtainable abortions and the sexualization of Russian culture encouraged the rapid breakdown of the family. Children seized by the Mother-Father State and reared in State-run incubators were atheitized and fed pornographic filth in preparation for a godless life of depravity----free love.

The alluring promise of equality (egalitarianism) was revealed to be unfettered envy, the great leveler of everything good, true, normal, virtuous, straight, and beautiful. All of these necessary cultural goods would be buried deep under a nasty greenish mire where the Evil Eye of envy would no longer be afflicted by their presence.

In every Christian society and civilization seized by Progressives, Communists, and their campfollowers, God was replaced with nihilistic Darwinism, which says at bottom that the cosmos and life created itself from nothing. What this means is that since there is no supernatural Moral Authority, no sin, no heaven, and no hell, then everything is allowed no matter how perverse, no matter how evil. And rampant, unrelenting evil is exactly what happened, which is why Reagan aptly described the Soviet Union as the Empire of Evil.

If all of this sounds somewhat like contemporary America, where Darwinism has a chokehold on the imaginations of millions of Americans and is forcefed to our children every day, it is because the Soviet Union was a giant laboratory of social engineering, and the lessons learned there have been applied here.

For more than sixty years, progressive planners have been stealthily, insidiously applying to America the costly lessons learned in the Soviet Union. America is well on its' way to becoming the Soviet Union reincarnate. Its' advanced state of moral degeneration is the dead give-away.

Whereas the Soviet Union's "gay" bathroom culture flourished, it did not brazenly march out of the bathrooms and onto Russian streets, there to lewdly cavort and caper in the nude while "gay" males serviced each other as is the case here.

And whereas the children of Russians were seized by force, after more than fifty years of being demoralized, stupified, and propagandized, increasing numbers of Americans passively hand their children over to State-run re-education centers (aka public schools) there to be atheitized, sexualized, taught to hate the America of the founders as well as straight white males, and conditioned to see their rightful future as mind-numbed building blocks of the coming NWO.

How did this happen?

By the close of WWII, the evil Frankfurt School, a Marxist thinktank invented by Lenin and highranking KGB agents, was invited to America by John Dewey, father of progressive education in America. Dewey was a Secular Humanist who boldly stated that with God dead, man's soul was dead as well, therefore individuals like him were free to "re-educate" America's future generations. With financing from a global banker-American industrialist consortium, and in collusion with a multitude of American socialists, communists, and secular humanists located throughout America's educational, political, media, and religious institutions, the Frankfurt School set in place a long-acting plan to both dumb-down and demoralize (cause to become immoral) future generations of Americans. In the words of Frankfurt School operatives, they would make America stink.

It is no accident that contemporary Americans hang on the words of and even emulate thuggish rappers, scantily-clad promiscuous Hollywood stars and narcissistic divas as well as perverse drag queens. It is not by chance that America has become a breeding ground for satanism, Wicca, and all manner of occult spiritualities. Nor is it by chance that Americans elect and re-elect criminally-minded politicians. No, the seeds of this moral depravity were intentionally planted and are bearing their ugly fruit in our own generation.

Over the last sixty years or so, many watchmen have tried to alert Americans to the evil machinations of the Frankfurt School and the Left, that is, communists, socialists, and progressives in general. One of these watchmen is Ralph de Toledano. In his book, "Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring-Down and How It Happened," Toledano documents in chilling detail how a cabal of intellectuals, educrats, and politicians, manipulated and financed by an alliance of bankers and industrialists, organized the strategy to undermine the American system---and how this has been accomplished. Toledanos' sources have been Presidents, government and academic leaders, top-level intelligence operatives, and the wreckers themselves.

Toledano writes:

"The institutions of civilization and order are under withering attack. Perversity is increasingly a way of life. What was once obscenity is the ordinary currency. The present obscenity is God, morality, the family. Rape and murder fill the newspapers. Children kill their parents, their teachers, their friends---and 13-year olds demand abortion. Young people leave college less prepared for life than the 18-year-olds of a half-century ago. The Bill of Rights is a scrap of paper, attached to a decaying and ignored Constitution. Education is a medium for dissolution, abolishing learning. The media is steeped in prevarication and nihilism." (p. 4)

Before arriving on these shores, the Frankfurt School tested its evil techniques in pre-Hitler Germany. There it created "the Berlin of Bertold Brecht and his Dreigroshenopper, a city whose blatant corruption, fostered by the Frankfurt School, made it the sexually-rampant and pornographic capital of Europe. " (p. 40)

In short, Berlin was transformed into the Sodom and Gomorrah of an already dying Christendom.

From this evolved a strategy of pure evil for the take-down of America. Jerry Rubin, progressive leader of the "counterculture" which began reducing America in the 1960s to moral and cultural depravity, summed up the strategy:

"We've combined youth, music, sex, drugs, and rebellion---and that's a combination hard to beat." (p. 40)

That America increasingly resembles a modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah is no accident. It was planned.


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