"Mommy-Daddy" Progressives and Their Privileged Wrecker-Brats

The Manhatten Declaration is an orthodox Christian movement born out of "an urgent concern about growing efforts to marginalise the Christian voice in the public square, to redefine marriage, and to move away from the biblical view of the sanctity of life." (http://www.manhattandeclaration.org/the-movement/movement.aspx)

In that the America of the founding generation is grounded on the biblical view, then the Manhatten Declaration is a stalwart defender of the immutable principles and enduring truths that are the basis of our unalienable rights, liberties and traditions.

Indeed, our unalienable right to life and the sanctity of life are synonymous. Our God-given unalienable right to life is the ground of all of our rights and if we no longer have that first of all rights, then in reality we have no rights at all.

In stark opposition stands the Progressive vision which began during the Enlightenment with a brazen declaration of war against God the Father and everything built upon and flowing forth from the biblical view. In the nihilistic proclamation of the demoniac Karl Marx, everything that exists must be destroyed.

Of the obstacles standing in the way of Progressive nihilism, the two greatest are "..God and the family," said Ralph de Toledano in his chilling expose, "Cry Havoc! The Great American Bring-Down and How It Happened," a book that details both the sick, twisted Progressive vision, its' progam of evil, its' conceptualizers, financiers, and conditioners. (p. 26)

In light of the Progressive vision it becomes clear why Progressive nihilists and their wrecking crews, that is the privileged "special rights groups" and individuals they've empowered to destroy America, focus their destructive rage upon the Manhatten Declaration, the Tea Party, straight white males, Sarah Palin, orthodox Christians, faithful Jews and all other defenders of the America of the Founders.

Of the wreckers there is no group quite as brazen and in-your-face as openly militant "gays." When it comes to wrecking everything normal, straight, virtuous, true, and beautiful their only equals are man-hating feminist lesbian-witches, who even now are conceptually remaking Jesus Christ in their own androgynous image.

Empowered by Liberal Steve Jobs, "gay" wreckers are silencing the voices of orthodox Christians, reports Manhatten Declaration:

"Last fall, Apple banned the Manhatten Declaration from iTunes store after protests by gay-rights groups. Now, similar protests have claimed another victim: the app created by Exodus International, a great Christian ministry that helps people who want to leave the homosexual lifestyle to do so." "Gay-rights groups target every Christian app that dares to dissent from their views on issues of sexuality and marriage."

In other words, empowered by Progressive insiders, "gay" wreckers are destroying everything and everyone standing in the way of the annihilation of what yet remains of Christian-based America.

Progressive insiders are amoral narcissists and malignant narcissists who worship themselves as the saviors of the planet. They can be likened to overly permissive parents who occasionally become peeved when their self-indulged wrecker brats do something that personally affects mommy-daddy Progressives, which is why Progressive owned Target is actually suing its' wrecker brats:

"Target Corp. is suing a San Diego pro-gay marriage group to get it to stop canvassing outside its San Diego County stores, alleging its activists are driving away customers."


In other words, wreckers can run roughshod out in public. They can freely trangress. They can shriek obscenities until the air is blue. They can spraypaint their mindless hate onto overpasses, sides of buildings and elsewhere. They can invade churchs'---even during services---and toss filthy condoms at churchgoers and even onto the altar. In every way wreckers can violate the sensibilities of decent, hard-working, law-abiding Americans, for "God is dead" and all things, no matter how sadistic, blasphemous, repugnant, and indecent are allowable.

However, there is one big No-No. Wreckers are not in any way allowed to transgress against their Progressive "mommy-daddies," as the "gay"-wreckers being sued by "gay friendly" Target are learning the hard way. All transgressions are encouraged and allowed except against the gods and goddesses of this age....Progressive insiders, America's "Ruling Class."