God Is Shaking the Nations

Worldview WeekendBy Jan Markell


March 23, 2011

World events are startling! Watching the Middle East, Japan, Australia, Europe, and a meltdown in America, have prompted some healthy discussions on the last days. When events happen at such a rapid pace, it is wise to ask, "What on Earth is happening?" Those who could care less are likely drowning in some kind of destructive behavior because they, too, notice but cannot cope. Who can we trust with answers?

Most turn first to their pastors. Some provide wonderful, biblical insight into our times. May their numbers increase! From what we hear at this ministry, they are in the minority, for one ministry supporter sent me an email from her pastor. I did a double-take on it upon reading it. I so wanted to believe it was just made up. He writes:

"The number of troubles in the world overwhelmed me for a while and I didn't know how to respond. I am suggesting we pray for the people we see or hear about in the media who are working in these troubled areas and also for the victims and their families whose faces and voices carry so much grief and anxiety.

"Some may wonder if these are signs of the end-times because they certainly appear to fit the descriptions we read about in the Bible. But, I suggest we don't rush to express this view. Historically, there have been seasons of trouble that have had the hallmarks of the end-times, most notably, the early 20th century. Some people were driven by fear to repent. Other people concluded that such a violent and indiscriminate series of events that killed 'innocent' with the guilty did not present the God of Christianity in a good light and there was then a great falling away.

"Now is not the time to theologize or speculate on causes. It's just time now to help."

How tragic that he discourages people from considering the serious warnings that great traumas would come upon the world as we hurdle towards the very time of the end. He discourages a conversation about these issues and would thus rob many of the "blessed hope" that Christ's return offers. Without the proper biblical perspective, the strongest believer could cave. When we realize what is happening to this planet -- the Japan scenario most recently, but preceded by global chaos in many hot spots -- it should quicken our spirits and affect the way we live and think and carry on with our relationships. Jesus is coming soon! Live your life in light of eternity! God is shaking the nations as spoken of in Haggai 2:7.

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