NJ: DHS, FBI, Key Politicians Attend Muslim Victimhood Luncheon

JihadWatch A four-hour-long orgy of victimhood posturing and deflection of attention from jihad terror activity and Islamic supremacism. "500 attend Muslim tolerance luncheon," by Melissa Hayes for The Record, March 28:

When Mohamed Younes selected "Religious Freedom and Tolerance" as the theme for the American Muslim Union's annual brunch, it was long before New York Rep. Peter King decided to hold hearings on "radical Islam." Younes, president of the union, said the luncheon Sunday at the Glenpointe Marriott in Teaneck came at the right time.

"It just happened to be the right subject for the right moment," he said.

Younes, who founded the Paterson-based grass-roots organization in the hopes of serving the American Muslim community and promoting equality, told the roughly 500 attendees that religious freedom is a constitutional right.

"With the wave of hate speech we hear too much these days, I hope it does not destroy the fabric of our nation and to turn one American against the other," he said. "We need to put the doubt behind us for good in order to participate and to contribute with the well-being of America, our homeland."

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