Spiritual Discernment and Moral Judgement vs Sophistry

In John 1:1 we read that "In the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the word was God." And the Word is Jesus Christ, who rightly claimed of Himself that He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. And when Jesus Christ walked this earth as a man all men then knew beyond a doubt that God is the Father and not "mother" and that He did in fact create Adam and Eve and not androgynous "gays"---he-she's and she-he's.

Fyodor Dostoevsky is considered by many to be a great Apocalyptic Prophet of the 19th century. He foresaw that mankind wanted to return to the time before God made all men cognizant of sin. Men want to lie and lie without guilt. They want to deify themselves as in days of old. They want to fornicate, commit adultery, sodomize each other, and in short, sin and sin freely, he said.

Dostoevsky's prophecy dovetails neatly with the warning issued so long ago by the apostle Paul. Paul warned that near the end of time the pursuit of power, carnal pleasures, wealth, and other pleasurable pasttimes would become so strong that mankind would rebel against all constraints, which means God the Father, Truth, universal Moral Law, procreation, and one man-one woman marriage.

In the hearts of contemporary rebels, God the Father is dead, and so is love of truth. What increasingly passes for truth today is sophistry. Sophistry is the "wisdom" of the natural man, and he is a slave of his pride, lust, greed, envy, gluttony, impulses, and compulsions. Though his intellect remains intact, his moral sense is utterly warped and his conscience dead or nearly so. This means that reason is not used in pursuit of truth and righteousness but rather wielded as a weapon for the getting of whatever is momentarily desired. In contemporary America, sophistry has been elevated to the level of truth, yet there is no truth within it.

Truthless sophists surround us today at every level of society, and through their positions of power, influence, and control they have cast America into an abyss of darkness, lawlessness, and confusion.

Not surprisingly, sophists even call themselves Christians. Thus it is not uncommon for them to abuse the power and authority of Scripture in pursuit of what they want. In this context, sophists frequently rebuke orthodox Christians using Scripture both yanked out of context and with its' original meaning and intent inverted so that it means what sophists want it to mean. This was the case when a "gay" sophist recently attempted to rebuke me for the "judgementalism" and "intolerance" toward "gays" he claimed to have read in some of my commentaries and essays.

In admonishment, he quoted 1 Cor. 4:7: "For who makes you to differ from another? And what have you that you did not receive?"

Now here is one whose god is the dead god of nature, nevertheless he thinks to use Scripture to demonstrate that God the Father created "gays," therefore, "who makes you to differ (from gays)?" His dead god speaks not, hears not, thinks not, knows not and cares not. Hence it cares not what men do, which means that sin and evil do not exist except in those who dare to say that they do in fact exist. In other words, in contemporary "upside-down" America, if you declare that truth has nothing to do with lies, that light has nothing to do with darkness, and that the straight has nothing to do with the bent and crooked, then you are evil. You are judgmental, hateful, bigotted, homophobic, and intolerant.

In response to the "gay" sophist I summarized the true meaning of the Scripture he admonished me with and wrote:

"In other words, all men are sinners, bar none. This means by extension that there is nothing in our fallen nature worthy of commendation, in this we differ not. In sum, man's pride, covetousness, petty jealousies, lusts, avarice, gluttony, envy, and resentments are as unworthy of commendation as are the bad thoughts, words, behaviors and carnal appetites that are the result of the former. "

"Though pride and envy are spiritual sins and "homosexuality" a fleshly sin, at bottom homosexuality is fueled by pride, thus doubly unworthy of commendation."

"Whatever good we have is from God the Father, and as sin is a parasite on good, then all of the above-named sins are parasites on everything good, everything true, everything beautiful, normal and straight, thus not worthy of commendation."

"We are to use our God-given moral sense for good, which means judgement between right and wrong, between straight and bent, light and dark, good and evil. To use our moral sense in pursuit of truth and righteousness is worthy of commendation."

"However, to withhold moral judgement is to aid and abet evil, thus a sin unworthy of commendation. Additionally, to use moral judgement to condemn others to Hell is a sin unworthy of commendation for it is a usurpation of the authority of God the Father, and only He knows eternal matters. "

In conclusion, "...my moral judgement was not used to condemn but to discern the truth."

Sophists have caused orthodox Christians to fear to exercise moral judgement lest they be accused of intolerance. Consequently, the Light of Truth has been overcome by darkness, hedonism, and confusion. In this climate of spiritual blindness, confused Americans crawl through the dirt like moles and energized by the spirit of lies, they have been led to foolishly condemn moral judgement as evil for they cannot see the "Light."