The Coming World War and The Aftermath That Could Set The Stage For the New World Order

Worldview WeekendBy John McTernan

If you have been following my blog, then you picked up on how I see the coming Middle East war. My vision of it is getting bigger by the week, until now I am convinced many people are going to think it is Armageddon. At first, I visioned the war as a large Middle East regional war in which Israel would be victorious. Now I see the war as world-wide that the aftermath will set the stage for the antichrist and the New World Order. This is going to be a massive war that is going to completely change the face of the world. It is going to destroy the world economy along with entire nations. After the war, there will be a new alignment of nations.

What I am seeing now is how the Islamic Mahdi could play a part in this coming war. This may come as a surprise, but the Mahdi is not mentioned in the Koran. There is really nothing in the Hadiths but illusions which the Shiite Muslims believe is about the Mahdi. The idea of the Mahdi comes much later after Muhammad. In my debating the Muslims, I found that it is the Shiites who believe in the Mahdi and not the Sunnis. The majority of the Shiites are found in Iran. The Shiites are really a small minority of Muslims.

The Shiites believe that at the end of time, the Mahdi will appear at a time of turmoil. He will unite the Muslims and lead them to conquer the world. After he conquers the world, Jesus Christ will return first to Damascus then to Jerusalem. Jesus then will prove that He is a Muslim and kill all the Christians and Jews.

What I see coming is a leader rising amongst the Muslims, who they will claim is the Mahdi. This will be part of coming war. The Mahdi will lead Islam against the West but will be defeated. The man who defeats him could very well be the antichrist! To the people who do not understand prophecy, they will view the Mahdi as the antichrist and the real antichrist as a hero or maybe even the Messiah! This would explain how people could so easily receive him as the Messiah! I have said many times, and it is very clear to me that to the majority of the people they are going to see this coming war as Armageddon: but it is not! Read More: