Evil Ideas, Evil Consequences

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, James Taranto describes the growing bloodlust of the progressive left: " America's liberal left is preoccupied with salacious fantasies of political violence. These take two forms: dreams of leftist insurrection, and nightmares of reactionary bloodshed."

Taranto goes on to report that a sympathetic "mainstream" media suppresses and/or whitewashes the former type of fantasy while treating the latter as if it reflects reality.

(The Politics of Bloodlust, http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748704268104576107823888846928.html?mod=WSJ_Opinion_MIDDLETopOpinion)

There are four things we must know about Progressive Liberals if we are to make sense of their bloodlust.

First, progressives both deny their own proclivity for evil and believe themselves to be faultless---morally pure.

Second, God is dead in their hearts. If they speak of a god, it is a dead-god of forces.

Third, progressives locate evil within "unseen forces of nature" which can vary from paramoralistic concepts such as racism and homophobia to moral mandates such as procreation and one-man one-woman marriage. Evil dwells as well in Constitutional rights such as private property ownership and in the belief in and worship of God the Father Almighty. Evil possesses concrete objects such as guns as well as DNA and the firing of synapses and chemical interactions within the brain which in turn result in politically-incorrect evil ideas.

Fourth, they are hypocrites who project their own badness onto others, that is scapegoats, who they then verbally and physically crucify.

One progressive I have had dealings with arrogantly advertises his moral purity right on his e-mail page. He boasts of himself: "I'm not a leftist, I'm where the righteous ought to be."

In light of all of the above, it should come as no surprise that this self-righteous "morally pure" individual promotes both the disarming of Americans and evil eugenics as two answers to the existence of evil.

Of course this progressive is neither morally pure nor sane but rather the reverse, he is an imbecile whose thoughts are stupid and evil. It is insane and superstitious to believe for example, that evil exists in guns. If that is true, then evil guns force helpless people to pull their triggers.

But if Progressive insanity is paradoxically true--for the "children" and the "common good" of course--it just makes sense that ridding the world of weapons is one way of purging the world of evil. Another way is eugenics---the breeding of select human beings paired to the aborting, sterilizing and/or killing off in some other manner of all evil-contaminated people, that is, all deemed to be carriers of evil DNA, evil brain chemicals, and the product there of, evil (politically incorrect) thoughts.

In short, this self-professed "righteous" one fantasizes about and verbally advocates death to "others" as the ultimate answer to the existence of evil. In other words, if only the "evil others" could be disarmed and then gotten rid of, then evil itself would be gotten rid of as well, thus the whole world would be purged of evil.

However, to think this way is both stupid and evil. This progressives' obvious narcissism both blinds him to the humanity of other people and renders him a babbling imbecile. For only a slave of his own narcissism, stupidity and evil fantasies would believe that the world can be purged of evil by getting rid of guns and by exterminating other people.

While his cosmically-inflated pride makes him stupid, it is his "will" that refuses to submit to the demands of his own conscience. Since he refuses to accept personal responsibility for his own badness, he must project it onto scapegoats as the only way to maintain his delusional self-conception of moral purity. Having scapegoated others, he then proceeds to verbally crucify them while preoccupying himself with violent fantasies centered on the physical crucifiction of evil-bearing scapegoats. When he openly advocates eugenics, he is merely verbalizing his death wishing.

Denying his own evil, he is now possessed by evil thoughts, fears, paranoia, and blood-soaked fantasies.

His stupidity and hypocrisy are clearly demonstrated by the fact that he advocates evil eugenics yet equates evil fascism (fascists were eugenicists) with everyone he scapegoats: conservatives, orthodox Christians and faithful Jews, one-man one-woman marriage defenders, gun rights advocates, private property advocates, and in short, all who defend in any way the America of the founding generation.

It is truly chilling to realize that in contemporary America there are hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of scapegoaters. And all of them are scapegoating others for the badness they refuse to accept personal responsibility for. It is not those demonized by the scapegoaters who are evil. No, it is the scapegoaters who harbor evil thoughts and fantasies of bloodlust.

If we are to abort this growing evil those of us fighting on behalf of truth, justice, and the good must "wake up" to the fact that scapegoaters are scapegoating us with their own badnesss. All of these individuals must be made aware of their own sins...including the sin of scapegoating...and be held personally accountable for them.

Until we "wake up" (grow in spiritual discernment), we will not only continue to treat their lies, demonization, and fantasies as if they reflect political and cultural reality but we will continue to allow them to scapegoat us with their own evils which in turn will cause us to submit to their psychological and physical abuse of ourselves, our children, and our country.

In short, we must stop reacting to their lies, demonization, and guilt-inducing accusations as though they are political statements of fact. ...Linda