Sharia: How It Will Be Imposed Here in America

Free Republic For 30 years, Nonie Darwish lived under sharia law as a Muslim in Egypt. After moving to the United States, she became a follower of Jesus Christ and quietly lived the American dream.

But the 9/11 terrorist attacks awakened her to the threat of Islamic terrorism and spurred her to research what the Quran, sharia law, and Muslim religious literatures actually teach its followers.

Her latest book, Cruel and Usual Punishment: The Terrifying Global Implication of Islamic Law, dives into the history of sharia law and what it calls for, and examines the global campaign that aims to install the legal system in Western countries, including the United States.

The following are excerpts from a recent Christian Post interview with Darwish.

CP: In the North West Frontier Province, Pakistan, sharia law was recently enacted in exchange for terrorist groups to stop their violent campaign in the region and to establish what the local government is claiming to be “peace.” To many westerners unfamiliar with sharia law, the system appears to be just strict Muslim laws and seems like a good bargain for an end to terrorist-instigated violence. What don’t Westerners understand about sharia law and what do they need to understand about the dangers of imposing sharia in Pakistan?

Darwish: Unfortunately, sharia - even in Muslim countries - is so against human nature that it has to be imposed by force because often it is rejected. So wherever you see sharia being practiced, it has always come and existed in that society through violence.

So the same dynamic is happening in Western Europe now. Muslims always use the word “impose” sharia. They never say let’s pass sharia, no, they say let’s impose sharia. The word impose is used.

It’s very important to the West before they start considering sharia as a religious right for Muslims to know what it is.

I don’t believe that sharia is a religious right. The West must really define what is a religious right and one of the basics in my opinion is that it does not hurt non-members of that religion. You can have all the religious rights you want but if your right to practice your religion violates the human rights of other people then that ceases to be a religious right.

Sharia law violates the human rights of women, of non-Muslims because it is part and parcel of sharia law to discriminate against non-Muslims. The commandment to do jihad is perhaps the centerpiece of Islam. It is not just the duty of a Muslim individual to do jihad, it is the duty of the Muslim head of state.

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