Calling Evil By Its' Name

Renew Americaby Linda Kimball

In a Wall Street Journal op-ed, James Taranto describes the growing bloodlust of the progressive left:

" America's liberal left is preoccupied with salacious fantasies of political violence. These take two forms: dreams of leftist insurrection, and nightmares of reactionary bloodshed."

Taranto goes on to report that a sympathetic mainstream media suppresses and/or whitewashes the former type of fantasy while treating the latter as if it reflects reality. (The Politics of Bloodlust, The Wall Street Journal, Jan. 27, 2011)

There are five things we must understand about the West's Progressive Liberal "elite" if we are to make sense of their obvious imbecility, depravity and evil fantasies:

First, they are malignant narcissists who worship themselves as gods . As gods they deny their own proclivity for evil. The delusional self-conception they hold of themselves is of faultlessness and/or moral purity as befits gods. In short, Progressive "elites" are haters of God the Father. They are:

"...lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient...ungrateful, unholy, unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, haters of good, treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God..." 2 Tim. 3:2

Second, God the Father Almighty is dead in their dead as their love of truth... and as dead as their individual consciences, or nearly so. When these materialized souls speak of a god, it is a dead god — a god of forces. And when they profess themselves to be speakers of truth they lie, for their words have no fixed meaning.

Third, progressivism is neo-pagan monism. Monism is held in common by materialism, pantheism, and spiritualism and dates back to pagan antiquity and was or is taught by all non-biblical thought systems from Buddhism to Epicureanism, Gnosticism and today's New Age Cosmic Humanism.

Monism teaches that all that exists is "one self-creating, self-sufficient substance" which may be impersonal, unknowing divine spirit or Christ-consciousness (pantheism) or spiritless substance (materialism). Within this framework, all things are merely diverse parts of the one-substance.

Monism's greatest appeal lies in the fact that it conceptually erases the vast fixed-gulf between the supernatural God the Father Almighty and the natural dimension and man. In other words, Monism imaginatively dissolves the supernatural personal Creator into the natural dimension, thereby bringing heaven to earth and allowing man to divinize himself. Rousas Rushdoony explains:

"... much... is known of the concept of divine kingship, the king as god, and the god as king, as the divine-human link between heaven and earth. The god-king represented man on a higher (evolved, naturally selected) scale, man ascended, and the worship of such a god....was the assertion of the continuity of heaven and earth. It was the belief that all being was one being (materialist-pantheist monism), and the god therefore was an ascended man on that scale of being. The power manifested in the political order was thus a manifestation or apprehension and seizure of divine power (through the conceptual murder of God). It represented the triumph of a man (i.e., Hegel, Marx, Darwin, Freud, Lenin and Hitler) and of his people (i.e., Bolsheviks, Marxists, National Socialists)." (Rise of the Modern Moloch State — Global Spiritual Communism, emphasis added)

Fourth, Progressive "elites" are envy-bitten hypocrites who project their own wickedness onto others, that is, onto scapegoats who they daily crucify...psychologically abuse. The abuse takes many forms:

Character assassination, baseless charges of hate, bigotry, fascism, and insanity. Malignant backbiting, merciless ridicule, and malicious accusations aimed at producing a false sense of guilt that can be manipulated for the empowerment of the envious.

These and other evil tactics have been systematized by the evil as mind-control, brainwashing techniques, and psycho politics and utilized today to manipulate unsuspecting Americans.

Fifth, Progressive "elites" are nihilists. Their souls are materialized (turned inward), thus they are prisoners of their own cosmically-inflated egos, out-of-control envy, lusts, perversions, greed, gluttony, and wrath as well as of afflictions of the mind — paranoia, fear of the void, anxiety dreams, evil fantasies, and peculiar ideas.

Believing in nothing higher than "self," they therefore know only envy, greed, hatred, vengeance, and violence. Their consciences are depraved and their reason has degenerated into sophistry. They are revolutionaries of the void.

The Evil as Gods

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