Coast to Coast They Hate the Most

Right Side NewsDaniel Greenfield

Wisconsin's labor vote effort may have failed to displace Prosser, but that's only one plank of the Democratic program to mobilize their base. So far the theme is labor, women and blacks.

Wisconsin kicked the labor unions into high gear, which is important as it locks down part of a potential swing vote. Now comes rhetoric about Republicans waging a war on women.

There is “a war on women,” House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi says. No there isn't, but there is a war for the female vote. Hitting Republicans on social services cuts. Putting abortion front and center. New DNC Chair Debbie Wasserman Schultz calls Republican attempts to defund abortion ‘a violent act against women’. According to Congresswoman Slaughter, Republicans were elected to kill women. The rhetoric is not that much more subtle than Schumer repeating 'Extreme Republicans' over and over again. But it's narrowly targeted.

Third leg of the stool. The black vote. Obama headed off for a party with Al Sharpton. Sharpton is one of the few high profile black leaders to back Obama. During the 2008 election, he avoided an open endorsement so as not to hurt Obama. But since then Sharpton and his National Action Network which subsidizes his lifestyle, have become big players in the Obama Administration. The party raises Sharpton's profile as payback for all the work he's done for Obama. And marks the beginning of an effort to maximize black voter turnout. At 85 percent approval rating, the black community are Obama's most supportive base.

Those are the three legs of the stool. Obama is all but giving up on white male voters, trying to remain competitive, but not much else. It's too late for him to turn them around, but it's voter turnout that will make the difference. In Wisconsin counted on an energized base to offset their political unpopularity. It didn't work for them. But they weren't that far off either.

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