Welcome to the Void: The Real Meaning of "Change"

Contemporary America is divided into two irreconcilable warring camps. On one side are those who pray to the supernatural, personal God Who created all men in His own spiritual image. Because He is the same today as He was yesterday and will be for eternity, this camp holds that since God the Father is the Endower of our unalienable rights, and the Author of immutable truth and Universal Moral Law, that America's founding documents are meaningful, that is, grounded on fixed, unchanging (immutable) presuppositions, truths, and principles. In short, the Constitution (the supreme law of the land), the Rule of Law, and the Bill of Rights express and expound upon God the Father's immutable truths and moral laws.

In this light, because the founding charter requires that presidents be American citizens by birth, then Obama is therefore required to show due proof that he is in fact an American citizen by birth. This means that all Americans, from Trump to Joseph Farah and the Tea Party have a right to know for sure that Obama is indeed American born and not foreign born.

On the other side of the divide are progressives, that is, those who hold that the founding documents are not meaningful. This is due to the fact that progressives are evolutionists. Evolution posits continuous change over time. Where there is only constant change, there is no immutability. Evolution and immutability cannot co-exist. Either one or the other but not both at the same time.

What this means is that since evolution (ie., Darwinism) holds the high ground, it has triumphed over immutability. It has in effect annihilated immutability (unchangeableness) and thereby rendered the founding documents meaningless, and by extension, our unalienable rights and individual liberties.

In this light, Obama is not required to show proof of citizenship from birth because the law requiring such proof is as meaningless as our unalienable right to life, our property rights, freedom of conscience, freedom of speech, sovereign borders, and our right to self-defense.

At bottom, Darwinism implies both the Original Lie and the death of God the Father. Darwinism is nihilism, which means that where "something" existed there is now only "nothing." With God dead, then so is immutable truth, universal moral law, and in fact, the foundations on which Christendom and later on America rose to heights of glory.

Not long after Americas' founding, the esteemed French historian Alexis d' Tocqueville declared America to be the freest, most enlightened civilization the world had ever known. Americas' secret to such great succes he noted, was to be found in her churches. Americas' pulpits are ablaze with freedom, that is, with the good news that God created men in His spiritual image, thus all men are created free.

Ominously, for many long years now science-obsessed Americans have been turning their backs on God the Father and embracing Darwinism instead. In that Darwinism must begin with the spontaneous generation of something from nothing, then Darwinism is also nothing. Hence, believing themselves scientific, enlightened, and progressive, Americans who embrace Darwinism are rather dupes who have embraced nihilism---nothingness. Unwittingly, they have become revolutionaries from the void, and whether unconsciously or consciously, they wield the axes that are chopping down and destroying Americas' foundations. When they have made an end of Americas' foundations there will be nothing left but the void.

All of this being the case, why should Obama and progressives not assume that "might" is on their side when millions of Americans enthusiastically voted for "change" (nothingness)?

Ideas have consequences precisely because all ideas are not the same. Some are very good, such as those which gave birth to the freest, most enlightened civilization this world had ever seen. Others are evil, such as those on which the "progressive utopia"---the Soviet Union arose.

Immutability and change are the thesis and antithesis of Hegel's dialectic. Hegel, a progressive icon, was a pantheist monist, and his diabolically clever dialectic was designed to ultimately dissolve God the Father into the natural realm....to bring heaven to earth and allow man to divinize himself as in days of old.

In the end, the antithesis (change/evolution/The Lie) conceptually annihilates thesis (God the Father, immutable truth, meaning, purpose), leaving behind meaninglessness, lawlessness, and purposelessness.

Welcome to the void.