Purpose Driven Dismantling of Christianity, Pt 2

AFAMarsha West

By Marsha West

A person could choke to death on the Syncretism Stew so-called Christians have cooked up. This swill contains the worst abominations imaginable. Presbyterian, Lutheran, Baptist, Methodist and Episcopalian churches are rife with humanism, radical feminist theology, Darwinian evolution, eastern religious practices, neo-pagan goddess worship, earth spiritualism, Shamanism and Native American spirituality.

As if all this weren't bad enough, the swill includes Jungian psychology! Carl Jung was a well-known occultist who channeled a demon. And speaking of demons, the demonically inspired Twelve-step program was "borrowed" from Alcoholics Anonymous and "Christianized." Now thousands of churches offer "recovery" programs to help people overcome various addictions. Granted, some recovery programs are based on solid biblical principles and can be helpful. But programs that arise out of the occult are harmful! (For more on Carl Jung and the Twelve-step program, go to Recommended Reading)

One particularly bad batch of Syncretism Stew has left Bible believing Christians with a severe case of heartburn. While they slumbered in the pews wolves in sheep's clothing slipped in and tossed homosexuality, fornication, and adultery in the mix. While the Body of Christ snoozed, wolves voted to accept sexually active "gays" and lesbians in committed relationships in the pulpit.

Over two decades ago Walter Martin warned:

We have, for more than one hundred years, been under sustained attack in the United States; in our theological seminaries, church related schools, and our churches. A sustained attack by people, who have the form of godliness, and work within the structure of the Church and have — wherever they have been permitted the opportunity — diluted the Gospel and destroyed the Faith. [1]


I just realized I left something out of the stew pot so I must add it now: Theological liberalism. Theological liberals prefer the term "Progressive Christian" (PC). On the Progressive Christian website they boast that they

recognize the faithfulness of other people who have other names for the way to God's realm, and acknowledge that their ways are true for them, just as our ways are true for us.

How tolerant. How...unbiblical. What these "Christians" have completely missed is that the moral relativist holds this view! And these people are fully aware that a belief in universalism goes against the clear teaching of Scripture!

PCs such as Emergent guru Brian McLaren have invented a "New Kind of Christianity." Why? Our pop culture desires an all inclusive and tolerant religion. Orthodox Christianity does not fit the bill because Christianity excludes unrepentant sinners who reject the notion that Jesus Christ is the only way to God. PCs are of the mind that a God who rejects those who reject Him is unfair. God's plan to reconcile fallen man to Himself by sending His Son to die in our place doesn't appeal to their desire for fairness.

PC's fast food Happy Meal mentality demands — "Have it my way Christianity" with freedom to sin... no condemning Jesus... no doctrines and creeds... watered-down Bible...and a large order of pick and choose what I want to believe. I'll pay later!

Sounds easy to digest, right? Maybe, but this Happy Meal is devoid of spiritual nutrients.

For real spiritual nourishment order up "Have it God's way Christianity" slathered in biblical Jesus... an extra portion of Bible teaching...add doctrines and creeds...hold the sin...discard the rebellion...and a large order of Gospel. Jesus paid what you owe!

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