Man as 'God,' the New Caste System, and Theft defined as Rights

A male who defines himself by his libinous-appetites, which means that with God dead he has uncreated himself and then reinvented himself as something called "gay," recently assured me that: " we no longer need archaic control systems because we've evolved the power to decide for ourselves what course is best. People can now be free and moral at the same time. Rules, heavens, hells, gods, devils, bibles---all just part of the big growing rubbish heap of ancient history. Welcome to the Enlightenment."

This male is a self-deluded fool who has confused his over-heated imagination with reality. He has not "evolved" to something new and better, he only imagines that he has. Mankind has not changed one wit since Adam and Eve were ushered out of the Garden. We are the same fallen creatures today as we were then, and all males and females who today define themselves by their libidinous appetites unwittingly testify to this ugly truth.

Be that as it may, contemporary America is on the verge of implosion because vast numbers of Americans are morally corrupt to varying degrees. Today, being bad is cool but being evil is even better.

The point being that while large segments of the electorate are morally corrupt the very worst seethe with rage and envy. This being the case, the envious in particular abuse their voting privilege to empower immoral politicians who will give them what they covet.

In this light we can see that immoral politicians vie for votes by proffeing "political solutions" that take from one man what he has earned in order to give to another what he has not earned. This occurs under the guise of "fairness" "war on poverty" "equality" "choice" "rights for gays," "saving the planet," and so forth. Back when we were still a moral people, we would have known to define such solutions as theft---plunder. But contemporary America is as a whole corrupt from top to bottom, which means that most Americans no longer recognise good from evil, truth from lie, and real from fantasy, hence are no longer capable of moral outrage.

In this climate of godless desolation, a pyramidal caste system has come to exist. At its' top are the political god-men. Just below are their envious-spawn----the special rights groups and other such feeders. In return for votes (power), god-men feed their spawn plunder seized from the hated lower caste...the remnant of the decent and hard-working.

We can identify the lower caste by the amount of vitriole, false-guilt, and mindless hatred heaped upon them almost daily, for they are in reality the scapegoats of the god-men and their covetous spawn. The lower caste are straight white males and females, orthodox Christians and faithful Jews, and all who defend in any way Americas' traditional Christian-based frounding. Increasingly, the lower caste are losing their former rights---to their earnings, children, safety, self-defense, and freedom of conscience, speech, and religion in order to provide the privileged caste with what they covet.

Dubbing himself the Antichrist, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche declared that with the death of the Biblical Creator, everything built upon and flowing forth from Him would die as well. In other words, immutable Truth, Universal Moral Law, and created distinctions that define male and female, the institution of the family---all would become meaningless. God would no longer be God for men would be gods and up would be down, left would be right, evil would be good, truth would be lie and plunder would be for the common good.

Nietzsche foresaw that with the foundations of Christendom destroyed, Christendom would disintegrate into meaninglessness. This has happened not just to Christendom but to America, for with God dead, so too are our unalienable rights, for they are from God the Father. But they are now as meaningless as the Declaration of Independence, Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Rule of Law. All have been consigned to the dustbin of meaninglessness.

Freed by the death of God, the godless have built for themselves a pyramid, a new Tower of Babel. Not surprisingly, it is system of privilege, legalized plunder and tax-slavery by which to elevate and feed the insatiable appetites of the class of parasites who have proclaimed that they, "can now be free and moral at the same time."

Why are they parasites? Simple, by rejecting God the Father, He Who is the transcendent origin of being (spirit/soul), the foolish rebels have unwittingly dehumanized themselves. They have stepped out into the void and are no longer human but parasites living off of humans.