The New Black Panthers and Their Evil Twin, the Ruling Class

"(Envy) aims, at least in terms of one's wishes, at destroying others' good fortune." (German philosopher Immanuel Kant, cited in "Truths About Socialism," Coral Ridge Ministries, p.65) "(Envy is) the great is a destroyer---rather than have anyone happier than itself, it will see us all miserable together." (Dorothy Sayers, ibid, p. 66)

Envy is one of the most cold-blooded, lethal sins of all. The envious always scapegoat the object of their envy, and scapegoating is a predominant characteristic of the evil. In this case the New Black Panthers are scapegoating white business owners and whites in general who they falsely accuse of oppressing blacks. Reporting for The Blaze, Jonathon Seidel writes:

"The group...uses (words like) "confrontation," and says the protesters will use "whatever actionm is necessary to relieve oppressive conditions against Blacks in New York and around the planet." And apparently the law doesn't matter: it will hold the event."

It is the case that many years ago, the Frankfurt School---a Marxist thinktank created by Lenin and his KGB insiders---recommended that blacks, the polymorphously perverted (ie., transgenders, homosexuals, lesbians), criminals and all other morally-alienated fringe elements be demoralized and then energized with narcissism, self-righteous hate, envy and a false-sense of victimization with the goal of using them against Americas' predominantly white, Christian middle class. Accused over and over of evils they were not wholly but perhaps only partly guilty of, the targeted people would eventually submit to the demands of their terroristic accusers. This is the old tried and true tactic of divide and conquer. One group pitted against a pathologized target group, who would in time be psychologically brutalized into submission.

Carefully cultivated, demoralized, infantilized and groomed for this evil purpose, the individuals identified by the Frankfurt School would eventually become known as "special rights groups." They are wholly dependant upon and manipulated by their puppet-masters.

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The puppet-masters are Americas' powerful Progressive-elites, the Ruling Class. It is the evil-minded Ruling Class that desires the destruction of the America of the Founders. In concert with global-socialists, they view traditional America as the final stumbling-block to their utopian ambitions. In this light we can see that the new Black Panthers are the propagandized, rage-filled, envy-bitten sock-puppets of the Ruling Class, which itself is comprised of greedy, envy-bitten, liars. Ultimately, the Black Panthers, "gays," man-hating feminists, illegals, and other special rights groups are weapons of destruction wielded by the Ruling Class, who are too few in number to do their own dirty work.

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It is not the case that the new Black Panthers must remain parasitic sock-puppets. They are free to leave. Free to make something of themselves. No one forces them to remain the parasitic slaves of the Ruling Class. They choose to stay because it behooves them to do so. From Starr Parker to Alan Keyes and Thomas Sowell, many black people of integrity have tried to reach out to the black population to wake them up to the fact of their manipulation by the Ruling Class.

That new Black Panthers are filled with rage and envy is not the fault of white people. It is their own fault. It is their own badness---their sin. And for them to foment mindless rage and resentment in the minds of other black people only deepens the sin of the new Black Panthers.

The New Black Panthers are like Americas' parasitic ruling Class, that is, fueled by greed, lust for power, and envy. There is no truth, honor, courage, or decency in them. If there was, then rather than beating around the bush with their irrational accusations they would simply say what they really mean, which is: "We want what you got!!!" Like their more powerful evil twin--- the Ruling Class---new Black Panthers are social parasites, conartists, shameless manipulators, brazen blackmailers, thieves, and covetous-resentment mongers.

They are brazen because in morally-relative post-modern America, "tolerance" at any cost is our first commandment. Thus morally confused, spiritually blind Americans can no longer recognize evil even when it stares them in the face and demands, "Give us what you got!!!"

Confused, psychologically-abused Americans dare not call evil by its' name, hence evil is free to do what evil always does: Kill, steal, and destroy.