America's Crisis: Why Conservatives and Christians Submit to "Change"

A reader wants to know why Conservative representatives all too quickly fold under pressure from Progressive Democrats, and furthermore, why do Conservatives allow Progressives to set the agenda. Though many Conservatives claim to be Christians, most of them lack courage of conviction. Jesus Christ said of Himself: I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life. His Truth never changes because He is the same today as yesterday and tomorrow. He will never change. Lack of conviction means doubt as to whether Jesus Christ is Who He said He is. America was founded on unchanging truths and principles unique to the Christian worldview. In that unalienable (from God the Father, not man) rights, fixed principles, and enduring truths are the very ground of America's founding documents...and our freedoms and rights----lack of conviction in them equals loss of them.

Still other Conservatives and Republicans want to be liked and accepted. With this as their top priority they submit at the first hint of disapproval. In short, they trade their souls for acceptance.

Others are cowed by the implacable wills of Progressives. Tyrants are tyrants because they are strong-willed individuals willing to destroy anyone who stands in the way of what they want.

All of this being the case, the overriding reason why Conservatives submit to Progressive "change" is due to the fundamental worldview change taking place here in America and throughout the West. Western civilization arose to heights of glory on the wings of one faith: Christianity. However, Christianity has been in decline for a long time now, hence Christendom is dead and America is post-Christian. The worldview that has been undermining and replacing Christianity is neo-paganism---naturalism. Accompanying naturalism are skepticism, suspicion, syncretism, change, and overarching all...self-autonomy (narcissism).

Naturalism says: There is no transcendent, living, personal God Who Spoke. There is only nature and the living energy-forces or divine god-forces running through nature. The first type of naturalism is materialism and the latter is pantheism. Karl Marx, Lenin, Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins are materialists while many of the world's Progressive "elites," Liberalized Christians, Wicca, and Gaia-worshippers are occult spiritual pantheists. At one time a confirmed materialist, Mikhail Gorbachev is today a pantheist.

Self-autonomy agrees that there is no transcendent God Who Spoke. There is only man, the highest-evolved being of nature, which means that man is self-autonomous for two reasons: 1. man is a part of nature and all that exists is nature, 2. nature is infused with a living energy or divine god-force, hence every man has some bit of truth that comes from the Force. By extension of this view, each and every man is a little god, and because there are billions of little gods on this planet, then there are billions of truth-claims.

All of this being the case, because man is a part of nature then he can only know truth by his senses. However, his senses are untrustworthy because they are controlled and determined by nature, which is irrational and amoral. And this makes sense really, for if everything is a part of nature, then lightening, mankind, dung beetles, rocks, trees, and pond scum are all animated by the Force running through them, and if lightening, rocks and dung beetles cannot be trusted to know truth and right from wrong, then neither can man be trusted to know it. In short, irrationality and amorality replace morality and morally informed reason and logic.

So how can anyone know truth in this climate of insanity? The answer: spirits. Desperate men have turned to spirits for guidance. For this reason, many occult pantheists at every level of society channel spirits who call themselves god, christ, SeRenShitha and Maitreya, for instance.

Skeptism asks: In light of the preceding, how can anyone know what is true or right from wrong? Obviously no one can, hence skepticism in company with ridicule is today's norm.

Suspicion flows forth from skepticism. It says that since all that can be known is through our senses, and they are untrustworthy, then anyone who claims the existence of unchanging truth is to be looked upon with suspicion, derision, contempt, and hate, for this individual is intolerant of everyone else's personal truth-claims. He seeks to empower himself at the expense of everyone else by forcing his personal truth-claims on all others. And since orthodox Christianity insists that immutable (unchanging) Truth exists because the transcendent God Who Spoke exists, then Christians must be insane because today's science-obsessed naturalists (neo-pagans) know that that Creator does not exist, for has not science told them so?

Syncretism compounds all of the previous errors. It says: If all of the preceding claims are true, then it must also be true that every religion and belief system contains a germ of truth since the living Force animates all things. This being the case, then some truth can be found in Satanism, Wicca, and Sharia, for example.

Of all of nature's unseen energy-forces, Change is the most providential. Change (or progress) bespeaks the creative-dynamism of evolution. And since evolution is an unceasing process of unfolding, this means that Change is a constant. Hence everything must Change. In practice this means "Out with the old and in with the new."

America is "changing" from the Christian worldview to that of neo-pagan Naturalism. Obama's campaign was a call for "Change." Rick Warren's Purpose Driven movement calls for "Change." Indeed, the Emergent Church is "change" in practice.

Out with the old....orthodox Christianity, Revelation, unalienable rights, immutable truth, universal moral law, property ownership, Christian Holy Days (ie., Easter, that is, Resurrection Day and Christmas), and all tradition thereon. "Change" demands: in with the "New." But exactly what is change? At bottom it is nihilism---nothingness---for the dead god of Change is in continuous motion. Always "changing," (unmaking) never "making." Change unmakes "what is" and leaves behind "what is not"---the void....nothingness. And it is to the dead-god of "Change" that unsuspecting, spiritually undiscerning Christian Conservatives are submitting.