Sophisticated Liar Angered By Analysis of Progressive "Isms"

Moderns have forgotten that at one time the word "sophisticate" was used in a derogatory way by seekers of truth such as the philosopher Plato. Sophisticate was applied to pseudo-philosophers who, puffed up with conceit of self, peddled dross...the folly of wishful thinking, hatred of God, hedonism, lazyness, hypocrisy, and escape-from-reality disguised as philosophy. In time this pseudo-philosophy came to be known as sophistry. Progressive "isms" such as naturalism, evolutionism, socialism, rationalism, materialism, empiricism, and scientism fall into the category of sophistry. At bottom, all of them deny the existence of God the Father Almighty, reality, and the human condition simultaneous to the utter folly of setting up Man as god and proclaiming the coming of an earthly utopia. Utopia, by the way, means "nowhere."

Just yesterday an angry Progressive charged me with the sin of "breaking down isms."

I am guilty as charged.

What bothers him is that a thorough analysis of "isms" leads to the separating out of the bit of truth that both leavens and gives plausibility to what is then exposed as an entire lump of worthless dross (the ism). That he is angered by this process demonstrates that truth is bitter to the overly proud and those who seek escape from reality, hence his dreary whining on behalf of dross.

His "sophisticated" apologia on behalf of dross is tantamount to the complaint of the sophisticated liar who whines, "Why must you always break down my arguments (thereby exposing their basis in lies, hypocrisy, half-truths, mindless ridicule, and sadistic pleasure at pulling one over on the dupes)? You ruin everything!"