National Suicide or the Rules of God

You do not need to be a Socialist/Communist, or a Nazi, a National Socialist, to be morally responsible for the destruction of our society. It is enough that you lie for your own benefit for whatever reason and therewith add to the corruption around you. Corruption is an expression for extreme selfishness. Human nature without moral guide lines will lead to a leadership which controls the rest of the people having their own interest as priority in their rules at the expense of others. Pretending to act for the best of society they will lie and force everybody into their man-made set of rules one way or another. They will not allow you being yourself. I have seen that. There is no free speech and they are already chipping away at it. You and your children will be what your masters allow you to be. Your grandchildren will not know any more that God is there.

I grew up under the Nazis and after the war searched how their atrocities were possible. I learned that the Nazi system was built on lies. Bystanders, liars like I, helped to create a society where lies destroyed the truth in government and created lawlessness and death. Germans lost their freedom and became slaves of their sins, as Jesus Christ stated. Corruption produces totalitarian systems. Unless the lies are being addressed and the corruption is being attacked and eliminated the consequence will be national suicide. Let us begin with the Obama Health Care Project. I think it is a cover-up for other purposes.

Let us look at the United States and at what got our nation into the mess in which we are in.

Abortion – there are now more than 50 million human beings who were murdered in the wombs of their mothers. It is a lie that they are no human beings. I have seen living babies through ultrasounds there or at least enough proof of life. My daughter in law expects a baby. The boy, Samuel Hilmar, who was created by God, had his heart and intestines outside his body and fluid around his brain. The parents, my son Stefan and his wife Hannah, never considered abortion. The whole family is praying to the same creator and we have many friends who pray with us. Miracles happen. As of now, the fluid around the brain has disappeared and the heart is back inside the chest cavity. The heart still suffers from a congenital defect and the intestines and liver remain outside. Samuel needs another miracle.

Obama is a liar because he says that he is a Christian. You cannot be a Christian if you put abortion on your political platform and even use tax money from people who do not support it. We are dealing here with complete indifference for the lives and rights of other people and this nation.

The 50 million Americans lost to abortion are being replaced by millions of illegal aliens as the government continues to inadequately protect the border and leaves the American people without adequate protection.

Energy - Our government makes drilling anywhere in our land and waters nearly impossible. The result now is that our economy is threatened by the escalating price of oil putting us at the mercy of foreign countries, specifically from a crisis area in the Middle East. At the same time the Obama administration has led the US into an indebtedness never heard before. America has oil reserves with a value in excess of $187 trillion according to a report by Steve McCann, published by the American Thinker on March 5, 2011. The national debt is less than 8% of that. Other nations must think that we have lost our mind in what we do and what we not do. This shows a complete incompetence of the government establishment. No interest for the American people.

Land – The Legislature of the state of Utah demands from the United States to return the land which belongs to Utah back to their state. “There is no constitutional right for the federal government to hold national resources, federal parks” they state. The federal government is controlling 650 millions acres of land which belongs to a number of states of the Union, mostly in the Western part of the United States. In other states the federal government controls 84% of the state land in Nevada, 69% in Alaska, 57% in Utah, 53% in Oregon, 50% in Idaho, 48% in Arizona, 45% in California, 42% in Wyoming, 41% in New Mexico and 36% in Colorado.

There is no doubt in my mind that the owners can do better to use the resources of their own lands than federal bureaucrats in Washington. There is untouched value including oil in these lands which will help to get ourselves out of the economic hole in which the Obama Administration as well as previous administrations and Congress have taken us.

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