Food Prices Continue to Climb Rapidly, Food Crisis? .

Right Side News Rick Haymow

Over the last few years, I have noticed the increasing price of food and the decreasing size of the container, haven't you? Just see for yourself and put "food crisis" into the Google News search box, and you see what I am talking about. So, I have been following food prices and the price of silver and gold, and recommend you provide a food storage system for your family if you don't have one. Minimum of a one year supply, and use food that is not only healthy for you, but that you will enjoy eating. Choose food you can store for 10-20 years, and after you have that one year supply, begin incorporating that food into your daily menu and start the rotation of eating and replenishing.

If you can afford to outright purchase a complete food storage system for one year, you will have the peace of mind and true food security.