The Ghastly Truth About The Days Of Noah

Raiders News NetworkGary Stearman

In this generation, there is a phenomenon that has been chronicled by academics and dramatists alike. It is well known throughout all levels of society. At first, it was viewed as a myth; now it carries the veracity and weight of any other commonly-reported social phenomenon.

In documentary fashion, motion picture theaters and television productions have presented it many times. It is a subject loaded with dramatic potential, both in the realms of human pathos and foreboding paranoia.

But, of surpassing interest is its spiritual dimension. It spans the fullness of all questions surrounding God's creation, His sovereignty and the mysteries inherent in the dark forces who oppose Him. It brings Paul's statement about, "… principalities, powers and rulers of darkness in high places," into stark, glaring focus.

In polite society, this phenomenon is virtually taboo. Merely to bring it up places one in the category of the kooks and the crazies. A courteous silence surrounds reports of the wondrous event, rather like that accorded ghost stories, tales about bigfoot and dinosaurs in the remote swamps of Africa.

The macabre and puzzling phenomenon to which we refer is that of UFO abduction.

As we approach the new millennium, we finally have enough information about this subject to draw certain conclusions … all of which are dark, forbidding and frightening.

More than that, they carry elements of an unclean, putrescent evil that draws us ever deeper into the arena of the spiritually impure. Here, one realizes, spiritual combat is a throbbing reality. There is the real sense that, by probing into the dark recesses of this pit without the help of God and the presence of Christ, one could suffer very real spiritual injury.

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