When Trust is Lost

There was a time in our nation when if Walter Cronkite or Dan Rather reported something as true Americans accepted the report as a faithful recounting of reality. The same held true in the realms of politics and religion. A clegymans' sermon or message was held to be a faithful recounting of the Word of God while the oath of office taken by an elected representative or jurist was held as sacred. Slowly but surely however, a sense of disquiet grew. Increasingly, Americans began to suspect that what was being said did not bear out in reality. For instance, truth finally exposed Cronkite as a New World Order advocate and Rather as a Progressive Liberal. Neither man was a faithful recounter of reality, instead, both men were exposed as propagandizers on behalf of their personal agendas.

Like a dam breaking, distrust grew until today large numbers of Americans no longer believe the "news reports" of mainstream media, the promises made by elected representatives, or the messages and sermons of many clergymen. If this were not so, then the Church collectively speaking, would not be in disarray and disunity. Neither would both an alternative news source (ie., talk radio and the blogoshere) have arisen in reaction against mainstream media nor the Tea Party and small patriot organizations have arisen in reaction against the faithlessness of elected representatives.

When trust goes out the window, fear, suspicion, anger and paranoia enter in at the door. The blame for this lies not with the suspicious but with the betrayers. When the people we need to trust prove themselves untrustworthy with their lies, greed, half-truths, empty-promises, propaganda, cheating, and sophistry, then backlash...suspicion, anger, disbelief and fear are the result.

It is the betrayers who have created the climate of distrust. And they worsen their sins in two ways: first, by not accepting personal responsibility for the Frankenstein they have created and second, by projecting their badness onto their victims, that is, they scapegoat Tea Partiers and the alternative media who are then crucified for the sins committed by the betrayers themselves.

Thoughts, words, and their outward actions have consequences. So when trust is irrevocably lost it leads to break-up between husbands and wives, congregations and clergymen, the governed and their leaders. Already successionist movements are coalescing. Only time will tell where this will end. ....Linda