Democrats Announce New Assault On Small Business

Townhall.comLurita Doan

It's déjà vu all over again. Democrats in congress have re-introduced a small business –jobs bill that has no hope of helping small business. Pandering to labor union interests, filled with Democrats’ flawed understanding of what creates private sector jobs, and crammed full of recycled regulations from the failed Waxman-Markey Energy bill, H.R. 870 is dangerous legislation that uses buzz words rather than sound business principles to encourage small business growth and job creation.

The legislation, thinly disguised as a jobs creation bill, panders to the tired, failed policies of Democrats’ left-wing, extremist base. The bill focuses on “green jobs”, construction of “wind turbines and solar panels”, enforces ineffective but restrictive penalties on China trade and determines which industries will be rewarded by handouts from the government by identifying which industries Democrats believe provide jobs that are “actually needed”.

Important memo to Nancy Pelosi and Steny Hoyer: Wake up! When a country is trying to grow the economy and “grow” jobs—all jobs are “actually needed.”

The bill is filled with bits and pieces of entitlement benefits and government handouts from other pieces of failed Democrat legislation. For example, there is funding for state Head Start programs and funding for emergency food stamp subsidy programs (p. 5).The, bill reeks of socialism in the form of “Employment Opportunity Grants”, (p.3) thinly disguised as federal government handouts to reward businesses that support left-wing ideological efforts.

Even more dangerous is the vague legislation which allows “grant” recipients to create ACORN-like entities: “a recipient of a grant may use the remaining amount of the grant to assist public entities, nonprofit community-based organizations “(Sec.4.c.2).

Of course, in order to get the grants, business will have to “consult with community leaders, including labor organizations” (p.7) and conform to develop the jobs in the areas where the Secretary of labor thinks growth is most likely. (p.12). As if that’s not enough, slipped in at the very end of the bill is an amendment to the IRS tax code implementing a new tax on Securities Transactions (Sec. 7). More: