The end of Europe

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Posted: May 09, 2011 1:00 am Eastern

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Few Americans realize that the European Union is among the most deceptive institutions on the planet. It is even less democratic than the Third Reich ever was, with ambitions that rival the erstwhile thousand-year plans of the late, unlamented Reichskanzler.

Born amidst deceit and lies that dwarf those told by the most famous 20th century titans of mendacity, the Eurofascists not only kept their totalitarian political aims under wraps, but outright denied that they had any intention of infringing national sovereignties. For more than 40 years, they swore up and down that their only objectives were economic, until the moment that their vast bureaucratic infrastructure appeared to be sufficiently emplaced to permit a naked grab for overt political rule.

But fittingly, since economics was the sword they used to conquer an unwitting Europe, economics is also the sword by which their dark visions of a Fourth Reich will die. The prosperity which the European Union brought to the lesser nations of the continent, the Irelands, the Portugals, the Greeces and the Spains was always a mirage. There was no genuine wealth generation. What looked like a new paradigm of free trade and single-currency-based growth was nothing more than the short-term consequences of debt-based spending on a continental scale.

It was all a lie. Just as the bureaucrats of Brussels were aiming at unquestioned, unelected political rule over a single, sovereign super-state all along, the explosion of new European wealth was never anything more than the parents of today robbing their children, their grandchildren and their great-grandchildren. But now the lies are being unearthed, one after another, even as the great administrative infrastructure trembles before the barely surfaced anger of the voiceless, voteless, European citizenries who realize that they have been financially raped, plundered and left for dead without ever realizing that their nations were under attack in the first place.

As one Italian poster so succinctly put it in rhyme: Basta bugie, no UE!. Enough lies, no EU.

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