More on Nihilism

In yesterdays' commentary, "Death of God: Rise of Nihilism," I wrote: "...... in place of God there now stands the unfettered will of amoral man, an evolved soulless primate demanding submission to his own peculiar version of truth. Thus male-primates in make-up and dresses demand submission to their unholy appetites, as do pedophile-primates, Gaia worshipping primates, Wiccan primates, Sharia enforcing primates, and Satanic primates. And why not? Highly evolved primates are now gods."

Nihilism is synonymous with barbarianism. They are one and the same thing. Contemporary America is being destroyed by Nihilistic barbarians whose only concerns are "self," what "self" wants and how to get what "self" wants, which invariably necessitates the destruction of anything and anyone standing in the way of the Nihilist.

In this light, "out-and-proud" lesbian Barbara Lenk nominated for the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court is exposed as a Nihilistic barbarian whose publicly stated judicial philosophy can be summed up as: Perpetual Change.

"The law evolves and develops," said Lenk. In other words, there is no law, no truth, no right way nor wrong way for all things are in perpetual motion. There is no law but what Nihilists such as Lenk claim there is dependant upon whatever appetite, caprice, resentment, or desire moves them. Not surprisingly, Barbara sits on the board of a neo-pagan temple, Kerem Shalom. Kerem Shalom supports a local high school production of a vulgar sodomite-themed play with anti-Semitic overtones.

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In this vein, the Navy has "normalized" the abnormal and now authorizes sodomite sailors to get married in Navy chapels. Whatever "god" sanctions "gay" marriages in Navy chapels, it is not Jesus Christ but a dead-god of forces.

Meanwhile, the Air Force Academy has raised up a version of Stonehenge for Druids, Wiccans, and other nature-worshippers.

While the Nihilist barbarians controlling our government engage in a big love fest with Sharia-enforcers, sodomites, witches, and pagans, they leave Americas' borders unprotected and spend our nation into ruination.

But then why not? God is dead and Nihilistic barbarians reign supreme. In the nihilist universe there is neither up nor down, holy nor unholy, right nor wrong, true nor false, straight nor crooked. Where there was once God, authority, order, certainty, faith, hope, and meaning, there is now only the nothingness of perpetual change made manifest in rebelliousness, meaninglessness, strife, chaos, doubt, despair, and unprincipled and arbitrary action.

Just as barbarianism is synonymous with Nihilism, so are syncretism and moral relativism. But no matter how it is defined Nihilism effectively erases the defining distinctions between good and evil, truth and lie, clean and unclean, male and female, holy and unholy, straight and crooked, light and dark.

In that Nihilism combines good with evil and the decent Jekyll with the evil Mr. Hyde it also effectively destroys the mind of the Nihilist. Such a mind is cloudy, fuzzy, and dark. It cannot distinguish between a Satanist and an Authentic Christian. Neither can it distinguish between the house-breaker and the violated homeowner, a throat-cutting terrorist and a Navy Seal, or a crazed jihadi murderer and his victims at Ft. Hood.

Multiply Barbara Lenk or any other Nihilist barbarian by millions, many of whom occupy positions of power, influence, and authority throughout Americas' political, legal, religious, military, academic, media, and other cultural institutions and we can finally understand why confusion, contempt, chaos, ineptitude, and tyranny characterize contemporary America. Reagans' America, the "shining light in the dark," has been all but extinguished.