Does the Bible Really Speak to the Gay Agenda?

Worth ReadingRev. Michael Bresciani

Advising someone not to be fooled precludes the idea that they are not already complete fools to start with. The Bible says "The fool hath said in his heart, there is no God." (Psalm 14: 1) To those who believe there is no God; there is no advice, especially from the Bible, that would work anyway.

The exordium used here is not mean spirited but is used because today it is those who allegedly believe in God who are arguing for gays and it is the gays themselves who are struggling to find reconciliation between their practices and the Bible. Is there any reconciliation; let's see.

Not all, but certainly many Catholics have been chomping at the bit for years to allow the gays into their number but until the present have been hindered by the Pope. That can all change in an instant depending on the longevity of the present Pontiff and just who might succeed him. In other mainline denominations such as Lutheran, Methodist, some Baptists and of late Presbyterians the green light has been given for ordination of gays and other prohibitions have been lifted.

In May of 2011 the Presbyterian Church (USA) ended a 33 year debate about ordaining homosexuals. The 205 to 56 vote tally that ended the debate in favor of the gays was followed by statements such as those of Rev Gradye Parsons saying "I hope that going forward we can stay together and be faithful witnesses to the gospel of Jesus Christ" Parsons also said he thought the new vote for gays came because of the new acceptance of homosexuality in the larger culture and a general weariness with the whole debate felt by leaders and membership of the church according to Laurie Goodstein, The New York Times May 10, 2011.