S. Baptist Pastor Boasts of New Calling: Grand High Priest of the Grand Architect of the Universe

Worldview Weekend Another Southern Baptist Christian Leader Falls prey to the Doctrines of Demons

Ed Decker

Pastor Steven G. Tiner, Senior Pastor of Levy Baptist Church http://www.levybaptist.com/ in North Little Rock, AR now boasts his calling as Most Excellent Grand High Priest Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons Of Arkansas

In his acceptance remarks following his Masonic ordination, Pastor Tiner proclaimed

I want to thank the Grand Chapter of Arkansas for the incredible privilege of serving as your Grand High Priest. I love Royal Arch Masonry with all of my heart. Therefore, to be honored to serve as your Grand High Priest is a joy beyond what I can ever express with words. I pray that the Great Architect of the Universe will bless this year as we work together for the advancement of the Craft. http://www.yorkrite.org/ar/ARRAinsert.pdf

Levy Baptist Church is associated with the Southern Baptist Convention, The Arkansas Baptist State Convention and The North Pulaski Baptist Association, where Pastor Tiner sits as Moderator, heading up its associational leadership. http://www.northpulaskibaptist.com/

Pastor Tiner has also bowed his knee at the altar of a false god and has given himself over to the doctrines of demons. These are the doctrines he pledges to advance for the cause of the craft.

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