Globalism Destroys America

Patriot Action Network In 2010, education has been so "dumbed down" in America that most Americans don't even know what the WTO is, and even fewer understand why the WTO is important. The truth is that the World Trade Organization is essentially a global government for world trade. It is a "contract" that severely restricts the ability of member nations to direct their own economies and set their own trade policies. The United Nations is perhaps the only international organization that has more power than the WTO. It was created on January 1st, 1995 as a replacement for GATT (the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade). Today, 153 nations representing more than 97% of total world trade are members of the WTO. It has been largely responsible for the explosion in world trade that we have witnessed over the past several decades. In fact, world trade is now over 15 times larger than it was 50 years ago. But is this a good thing?

No, it is not.

The following are 10 reasons why the World Trade Organization is bad for America.....