Devilish Mindgames: Why Belief and Faith are Forbidden

"The Satanic revolt, like orthodox Christian faith is a movement of spirit having its taproot and energy in Satan, the father of lies and envy, the author of rebellion, and the revelator of secrets. Satanic revolt is war against the Trinity...the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, which in Bakunin's words are the "cursed and fatal principle of authority." Thus it proclaims the reign of nothingness, though a nothingness nevertheless pregnant with the expectation of fulfillment in the revelation, and finally the actual presence, of evil personified....the dark Lord of this world.... The Satanic revolt intends both the destruction of the Christian-based Old Order and the establishment of something new, because: "The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed." ..Karl Marx, Marx and Satan, p. 59. (Progressive Satanic Revolt: From Nothingness to Worship of Satan: )

The death of God the Father calls for the death of everything built upon and emerging from Scripture, starting with the unmaking of the Genesis account of creation ex nihilo and of man created in the spiritual image of the Triune God.

Each man is an embedded soul. In other words, each mans' soul is completely embedded within his body. The citadel of every individual soul is mind (will, conscience, reason) or spirit. Jesus Christ used these two terms interchangeably.

The spirit is vertically open to receipt of "heavenly manna" (communication) from the great I AM. It is also open to influence and suggestion from the demonic realm. Very simply, this is what it means to be created in the spiritual image of the transcendent Triune God.

Because man has will he is free to believe in and accept by faith or to reject communication from God. Belief, faith or rejection take place in the mind and precede thought, spoken and written word, and action. In the American Dictionary of the English Language of 1828, Noah Webster defines belief and faith:

1. Belief: " assent of the mind (spirit) to the truth of a declaration, proposition...distinct from personal knowledge; as the belief of the gospel."

2. Faith: "the assent of the mind to the truth of what is declared by another; in theology, the assent of the the truth of what God has revealed..."

Note that assent of the spirit always precedes what we "believe and have faith" in as true and real. This is true of all people, from priests and bishops to empirical scientists. The scientist must "believe" in his findings, but more importantly, it is by "faith" that he "believes" that his mind (spirit) is capable of separating reality from fantasy.

All of this being the case, when Progressive God-haters declared the death of God they were immediately faced with unresolvable conundrums. Of these, two are of primary importance.

The first had to do with "being" (man's embedded soul). If the Creator of man's being is dead, then man is a nonbeing, thus the question becomes, "What is man?"

Darwin conveniantly provided Progressives with the answer: Man is nothing but a highly evolved soulless, mindless ape; the product of time plus chance.

The second conundrum emerges from the first. If God is dead and man is a nonbeing, then what can the mindless human ape know and how can he account for what he knows?

As Darwinism is at bottom materialism, it teaches that all that exists is one self-created, self-sufficient substance comprised of matter and the unseen energies that animate matter. This is worship of nature, and in this view the nonbeing is said to be an evolved ape completely controlled by unseen forces of nature (the energies in matter) and by his brute instincts, which are also forces of nature. The answer then is this: Since man the nonbeing is a mindless human ape, he is "nothing but" his "material brain" and what appears in his brain (ie., thought, dream, memory, etc.) is mysteriously "caused" by the interaction of chemicals and the firing of synapses, which are in turn animated by unseen forces of nature.

The Progressive vision was summed up by Marx: "The idea of God is the keynote of a perverted civilization. It must be destroyed."

Destroying the West has called for around-the-clock, year in and year out mind-games from Orwellian double-speak to Big Lies, little lies, half-truths, evasions, and propaganda coupled with relentless browbeating, ridicule, and debasement of all who prove resistent to the mind-conditioning process.

First, men must be conditioned to believe that evolution is an empirical fact. They must accept that they are evolved apes and that anyone who disbelieves this canon of nonsense is a stupid redneck bible-thumper.

Second, human apes must be conditioned to speak in terms such as "it seems to me," "it appears to me," and "suddenly I realized" rather than "I believe" "I think" "my faith is in," and "it is my belief." Why? Because the former terms are abstract enough to mean "something caused" in the brain by chemical interactions while the latter specifically point to "assent of spirit." And man must never, ever be reminded that he has a spirit within which assent of mind occurs. Therefore, words such as belief and faith are verboten....forbidden.