All you 'good, decent Americans,' prepare to be called 'bigots'

Posted: May 28, 201112:15 am Eastern Michael Carl © 2011 WND

Now that the Minnesota legislature has said "yes" to putting a constitutional amendment declaring marriage the union of one man and one woman on the November 2012 ballot, some of its leading supporters are warning the normally nice folks in the Midwestern state to get ready for an ugly battle.

"There's going to be an incredible effort to paint good, decent and honorable Americans who believe marriage is the union of husband and wife, as if Minnesotans who believe that are hateful bigots," claims National Organization for Marriage Board Chairman Maggie Gallagher. "No matter how sincerely and thoughtfully and reasonably we talk about our concerns, we get treated as though we are the biggest haters."

Minnesota House Bill 1613, aimed at preventing Minnesota's marriage statute from being overturned in the courts, passed by a narrow 70-62 vote. Even though his action is merely symbolic and can't stop the measure from reaching the voters, the state's Democratic Governor Mark Dayton vetoed the bill in pointed condemnation.

"I do not have the power to prevent this divisive and destructive constitutional amendment from appearing on the ballot in November 2012," Dayton wrote in an explanation of his action. "Thus, symbolic as it may be, I am exercising my legal responsibility to either sign or veto it.

"The path of social progress, of human compassion and understanding, would be tragically reversed by this amendment," he continued. "Minnesotans are better than this. I urge Minnesotans to reject this amendment."

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