Are Our Politicians Stupid or Evil?

PatriotAction NetworkSam Blumenfield

That man is a fallen creature has never been more clearly demonstrated than by the behavior of our elected politicians in Washington. Most of them are highly educated lawyers who have studied American history in their universities, and yet have acted so stupidly as to have brought this great nation to the brink of financial disaster.

We learn at an early age that you cannot spend more than you earn. We learn that it is not good to borrow money in order to buy things you really don’t need. And yet, these very smart politicians keep doing this in contradiction to all wise and intelligent understanding of basic economic principles..

Apparently, government service seems to attract intelligent men who can’t tell the difference between right and wrong, or what is wise and what is stupid. To think that the greatest, richest, most inventive and productive nation in human history could be so suicidally mismanaged by its elected political leaders boggles the mind.

The other less fortunate nations of the world have looked to us as a source of sanity and wisdom. After all, without these qualities how could any nation become the leader of the free world in economics, military prowess, and education? We probably have more universities than the rest of the world combined. We have great libraries. We have the wisdom of the Founding Fathers that set this nation on its unique course to greatness. They created a government based on immutable Biblical principles. And yet, we have a political class in Washington that cannot obey the simplest rules of economics and continues to resist every attempt to right the wrongs of past political behavior.