Europe's 'Muslim leader' swells with hatred for Christians: Cutting Throat of Catholic Bishop Only the Beginning

Posted: May 28, 201112:15 am Eastern Michael Carl © 2011 WND

The director of a Christian human rights organization believes the recent killing of a Catholic bishop in Turkey clearly points to one thing: the nation positioning itself to be "the leader of Europe's Muslims" actively oppresses its Christian minority.

Christian Solidarity International-USA CEO John Eibner says both the government and the primarily Islamic culture are driving the persecution.

"The Christians in Turkey are small in number, but they continue to face pressure from the government, but also prejudice in society," Eibner observed. "So there's social discrimination and official discrimination.

"From time to time, acts of horrific violence such as the beheading of Bishop Padovese and the ritual killing of missionaries and church workers … intimidate the Christian community," he said.

Almost one year ago to the day, Bishop Luigi Padovesi, the Vatican's representative to eastern Turkey, was found with his throat slit at his home in the Mediterranean port city of Iskenderun. His driver, a Muslim man named Murat Altun, later confessed to the crime.

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