"Gay" Marriage: The Infernal Conjunction of Opposites

National Organization for Marriage Board Chairman Maggie Gallagher warns all Americans who stand for one-man one-woman marriage to prepare for brutal psychological warfare. She writes, "There's going to be an incredible effort to paint good, decent and honorable Americans who believe marriage is the union of husband and wife (as) hateful bigots. No matter how sincerely and thoughtfully and reasonably we talk about our concerns, we get treated as though we are the biggest haters." (All You 'Good, Decent Americans, Prepare to Be Called Bigots," Michael Card, 2011, WND) The mind that seeks to unite truth and lie, light and dark, good and evil, straight and crooked, and male and female is darkened, fuzzy, and incapable of moral sanity. It is corrupt. Collectively speaking, Progressivism is that mind.

In its' infernal imbecility it lauds Lucifer as the first free thinker, liberator of mankind, and genetic creator of man. Thus it comes as no surprise that it upholds "gayness" in its' every perverse manifestation, even daring to teach "gayness" to our youth.

Progressivism is revised, revamped nature worship (paganism). Doctrinally it is monism, which simply means "oneness." Monism is the underlying basis of all non-Biblical worldview systems from ancient Greece and Rome to modern-day Buddhism, Liberal theology, green spirituality and occult New Age spirituality.

Monism teaches that all that exists is one self-created self-sufficient nonliving, irrational substance of which all things are parts or extensions. The substance may be atoms bumping around in a void or it may be spirit. The former is the materialism of Karl Marx, Lenin, Freud, Carl Sagan and Richard Dawkins. The latter is the pantheism of Liberal theology and occult New Age spirituality. Either way, the one-substance is animated by unseen energy and/or forces.

As previously stated Monism is worship of nature, and when men reject the living, personal transcendent Creator and turn back to worship of nature as Progressives have done, they are unwittingly compelled to seek "oneness" with the one-substance. Just as authentic Christians desire to become more Christlike, Progressives seek "perfection" by becoming "one" with the irrational one-substance. The ancient Greeks provide us with an excellent illustration of this point.

They were monists, and the truest symbol of perfection (oneness) was the hermaphrodite (androgyn)...the joining of the two sexes into one being. Rather than hermaphroditism, Progressives speak of "gayness."

Hermaphroditism was attributed to a number of divine beings, Zeus and Cybele for instance, and was bound up with human aspirations to perpetual life.

To simulate the perfection of androgynous being, female initiates of some of the Mystery Religions wore male dress and even beards while their male counterparts castrated and prostituted themselves in pursuit of this same perfection.

Homosexuality, lesbianism and perversions such as bestiality and incest played important roles in the pursuit of oneness, or perfection. Xenophon declared, "I must speak now of pederasty, for it affects education..." "Sex education" as it is called today was thus an important Mystery Religion initiation rite toward the salvific goal of perfection.

The bisexuality of the ancient philosophers (slavishly extolled by Progressive historians et al) amounted to asexuality.

Plato for instance taught that Out of Chaos (the one substance) came the androgyn, and from the mistaken splitting of the androgyn there came the two sexes. Human nature said Plato, was originally one (androgyn) and must again become one. Sex education is therefore an avenue toward the goal of "oneness."

Within research circles it is well known that among the goals of Progressive Communism under Lenin and Trotsky was creation of a New and Perfected Soviet Man. The New Man was to be androgynous, for which reason Communists forced homosexuality and other gender-bending perversions (sex education) upon Russian youth.

Progressives used Russia as a laboratory of experimentation. Russians themselves were the "lab rats" subjected to various mind-and-soul destroying human re-engineering experiments. Ronald Reagan knew this, for which reason he called Soviet Russia an empire of evil.

The lessons learned there are being applied here, the only difference being that in Russia the experiments were applied suddenly and with force, terror, and sadistic brutality while here they have been applied slowly, stealthily, incrementally and with great cleverness. Step by step America has been stealthily turned upside-down so that whereas it was founded on Biblical truths, morality, and principles, today's America is distinctively pagan and "gay" marriage is simply another step toward the "perfecting" of man according to the infernally insane mind of Progressivism. We cannot understand what has gone so terribly wrong here until we "wake up" so that we can see it in this light.