Collusion, Corruption, and Barney Franks' Boyfriend

Worth ReadingAustin Hill

First, a note to the naysayers: this piece is not about "homophobia."

If you were trolling the internet doing "Google searches" with the words "Barney Frank" and "boyfriend" and you thought you discovered a homophobic jackpot on a "conservative" website, well – read on. You might actually find that you agree with my assessments here, but it won't be what you were hoping for.

In fact, the problematic behavior with Barney Frank entails something that, according to the Congressman himself, elected officials do with their spouses "all the time" (and he's probably right about this). This is to say that it has nothing to do with sexuality or gender.

Congressman Barney Frank, former Chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, helped his then-lover Herb Moses land a nice, lucrative "government job" working at Fannie Mae back in the 1990's. Even though it happened several years ago, this "news" raises some very legitimate questions about a "conflict of interest," because in his position as an elected member of Congress, Mr. Frank had direct governmental oversight of Fannie Mae.